Cocoa Brown Rose Gold and Golden Goddess

DSC_1283Is there really any stopping Marissa Carter? Hot on the heels of her hugely successful  Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess shimmery dry body oil release late last year, comes the Limited Edition Rose Gold Goddess . I mean the words limited edition and rose gold are enough to make any girls heart skip a beat.

DSC_1303 (1)Both the Original Golden Goddess and the new limited edition Rose Gold Goddess are shimmering dry oils that offer both  a highlight and natural glow to our skin depending on how it is applied. The only difference between the original Golden Goddess and the new Rose Gold goddess being the colour and tone that they offer your skin.

DSC_1299As the name Golden Goddess suggests, the original dry oil gives a beautiful golden hue to the skin. It is a little more of a yellow tone, but one that works beautifully with Irish skin tones. I have tried it on that are both my natural skin tone and that derived from a bottle!  While the Rose Gold undertones of the new limited edition release gives a little more of a warmer appearance to the skin. In my opinion, although different, both are equally gorgeous.


Long time readers of the blog, will know my love of a good multi tasking product. and both of these beauties have a multitude of uses.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 16.48.11First off they can be used to give the body a glow by applying them all over the body rather than to specific areas. I found that by using a soft tanning mitt such as the Cocoa Brown double sided Velvet mitt, both the Golden Goddess and the Rose Gold Goddess will give your body the appearance that you have a beautiful natural glow to your skin. My own sister loves applying it this way and practically bathes her body in the stuff!! Both shades can be applied over tan or to your natural skin colour. As I am as pasty as can be, I get the best results when I apply the each goddess over my tan. In the picture above I am wearing the Cocoa Brown tanning wipes and as you can see both colours works really well with the tan. I will have a review of the tanning wipes up soon, but if you see them in the shops, grab a packet and try them because I was pleasantly surprised at how well they worked out.

You can also apply it to specific parts of your body with a makeup brush for a more isolated highlighted look. You’re better off using a large kabuki brush to do this, as this type of brush will apply the product to your skin quicker than a smaller brush and far better than a flat foundation brush. Personally, I love to apply the Golden Goddess oil to my collar bone, as not only does it give a highlighted look, but it gives the illusion of a more slimline chest area. Or at least in my mind it does!!  You can also use the brush to apply the dry oil down your skins and across the chest. I have seen Marissa apply it to her legs  her snapchat and my god it looks gorgeous!! My own legs are covered in cuts at the moment, so I haven’t had a chance to try it this way myself.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 16.53.55My absolute favourite way to wear both of these products, is as a highlighter on my face. I really do love a good strong highlighted look and these are both fantastic for doing that. Over the past few weeks, I have been trying out a number of methods to get the most highlighted look on my cheekbones. By far my favourite method for application is to use a damp beauty blender. I apply product directly to the sponge and then gently pat it onto the high points of the face. I find that by doing it this way, the sponge absorbs some of the oil and disperses more shimmer/glow to the face. You can also use your fingers to apply product, or a small stippling brush. However, it is worth noting that if you’re using your fingers or a brush, I found it better to squirt some product out onto a cotton pad first, as the pad will soak up some of the oil because when applied directly to your face, I found the oil removed a little bit of my foundation. By using the cotton pad this is totally avoidable and instead of removing any foundation, you’re left with a seriously banging highlighted glow!!


As you can see from all of the pictures , there is an obvious shade difference between the Golden Goddess and the Rose Gold Goddess. I personally found it very hard to choose a favourite colour, as I found that both shades suited my skin tone perfectly. Each gave a beautiful glow to the skin and both worked well with my skin tone when used as a highlighter. I often find it hard to justify buying another shade of the same product but when it comes to the these buying both is totally justifiable. The only drawback being that the Rose Gold Goddess is limited edition and it absolutely flew off the shelves in Pennys last week. However, there is good news. A little birdy in the Cocoa Brown head office told me that the Rose Gold Goddess will be back on the shelves in Pennys in November, just in time for the festive season but to borrow a rather famous phrase. When they’re gone, they’re gone!!!

DSC_1299If you want to pick up the original Golden Goddess is it available in a variety of pharmacies, Pennys and online on Cloud 10 Beauty here for €11.95

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    September 2, 2016 at 11:36 am

    Oh wow! I’d never heard of these before but they look amazing as a highlighter. Such good value as well! Will definitely be keeping an eye out for these online 🙂 Great post – have a good weekend 🙂 xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

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