Come Shopping with me at Kildare Village

Christmas in my house is a big deal. My parents still do Santa for my brother, Sister and I and each Christmas morning we are made sit on the top stair until my dad goes down to the sitting room to see if Santa has come and he turns on the Christmas tree lights. We are all grown adults, but we still partake in the magic of Christmas morning. Once downstairs, each of us are made sit on our own chair, and our dad gives us each our presents one by one. There is lots of oohhhs and aahhhs  and always a serious amount of surprises. Each year one of us is a victim of my Dad’s practical joke. Every year he hides one of our presents and we  have to play hot and cold to find it. Some people may cringe at this, but personally I wouldn’t change a single thing about Christmas in the Kavanagh house.

photo.PNGEarlier in the week I took a trip out to Kildare village to pick up a few gifts for my nearest and dearest. I found it so difficult doing Christmas shopping in Kildare Village. Not because of the lack of choices, but rather there was so much that I wanted to buy for myself. I came so close to buying a pair of Dior sunglasses, but had to have a long hard chat with myself and get back to the task at hand. Buying presents for others.

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 00.07.13While I can’t show you what I bought, as all my family read my blog, I can tell you I had a very successful trip. The stores that stood out as having the best bargains, were diffidently Ted Baker, Molton Brown and l’Occitane. Both Kate Spade and Kurt Geiger have recently opened in the village, but to be honest Kate Spade is still far too on the saucy side for my wallet.

For a little something different, I decided to film my shopping trip. I did try to video myself talking in the video, but to be honest, I was shopping on my own and I got far too self conscience! I really need to grow a pair. I hope this video gives you a little inspiration for buying some gifts.

If you are in the area of Kildare village, I honestly recommend that you go and have a look at buying your Christmas present here, as there is loads of bits and bobs to pick up there. I went on a weekday, and it was quite and relaxing, so crowds or traffic weren’t on my radar at all.

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    November 28, 2014 at 10:40 am

    Really need to get here! There are some bargains! That Lulu Guinness bag was amazing!

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