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IMG_1180A few weeks ago I found out that I had made the short list for the Company magazine style blog awards, in the Best International Newcomer category. Not gonna lie I was shocked and couldn’t sleep with the excitement the night I found out about the nomination. I have only been blogging since  October, so to be nominated for something so prestigious, so early on in the life of my blog, I was over the moon. As luck would have it, myself and my mother had planned on going over to London the weekend of the awards, to visit my brother and sister. So we decided to book our flights a day early to fit in the awards.

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IMG_1204The awards were held in a revamped warehouse in the Shoreditch area of London. Shoreditch is a seriously trendy area of London and this was completely reflected in the clothes people wore. I have honestly never felt older, or less stylish in my whole life. The style was unreal. Some however was a little questionable and the commentary from my mother on everyone who walked through the door was hilarious. Miaow.









IMG_1224In the venue itself there was loads of cool little areas to sit and eat, as well as displays by Misguided, the sponsors of the awards, as well as demonstrations by Lee Stafford, Orly, hair stylists and temporary tattoo applications. There was literally loads to see and do.

The awards ceremony was literally over in a flash. The awarding of the awards took less then 10 minutes, leaving plenty of time for partying afterwards. Although I was as sick as a dog with hay fever, that we left fairly soon after the awards ceremony. We received a fab goodie bag on leaving, I gave mine to my sister, as it was so heavy and full of liquids I just couldn’t deal with the hassle when flying Ryanair.


IMG_1233There were 10 blogs in my category and two awards to be won. Highly commended and the overall winner. I was delighted to be announced as the highly commended blog winner. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed not to win, but seriously I am still over the moon with my award. The overall winner in this category was Creepers and Cupcakes.

It all sounds so insincere, but I honestly am so beyond grateful for every single person that took time to vote for me and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Without you guys I wouldn’t have even been nominated, never mind having received the highly commended award.  I really enjoy blogging and interacting with every single person on the blog, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. Your comments and words of congratulations after I won literally floored me. While awards are really great to be nominated for, your comments meant more to me than anything else. Thank you.

IMG_1272I stayed in London until Sunday and spent my time milling around London with my family in the sunshine. I would move to London in a heartbeat. I love it over there. There is so much to do and always something different happening in every corner of the city. I have a feeling I may be back in Londong sooner than my bank manager might like.


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