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It says a lot about a product when a beauty blogger finishes it! I get so many products to try, that I don’t always get a chance to finish stuff off before I have moved onto the next item that needs reviewing. If I finished every product I used before I started another, I would have no content for the blog! However, there are some that over time, I have come to the end of and I have decided to put them into a post.

As a little something different, I am including a readers section too. I am going to include some products that people on my Instagram have said they have finished and loved too. Just to give a different perspective.

IT Cosmetics CC cream

I would say at this stage people are sick of hearing me talk about IT cosmetics but I am genuinely such a fan that I like to shout about it! This CC cream is a gem of a product. It is light weight on the skin but gives a good medium to almost full coverage. Even though the coverage is excellent your skin still feels and looks like skin. It also lasts really well on the skin and because of the CC components to it, it helps cancel out redness and pigmentation!!

The shade range isn’t amazing but IT cosmetics have acknowledged this and said the shade range is as a result of the ingredients. As it has skin care properties, it can be hard to get the shade just right and they don’t want to fire out shades just for the sake of it! This I really admire!

I have a full review of the CC cream that you can read here but you can buy it from Arnotts here. 

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick

I have that many lipsticks that I can count on one hand the amount I’ve finished. Pillow talk however, is one that I won’t just finish but I will 100% repurchase. I actually think it could possibly be my all time favourite lipstick!!

I find the colour to be my perfect pinky nude but it can run a little more brown on some people’s lips. It is creamy yet relatively long wearing. I’m hard on lipsticks so if it is still on after two hours I think I am doing well. I find when it wears off it wears off evenly and in fact you don’t even notice the wear off all that much.

It is not cheap at €32 in Brown Thomas and Arnotts but if you buy it on Cult Beauty and Pay in Sterling, you can get it for the little more palatable prices of €26.50. You can pick it up here. 

Image Illuma Serum

I have lost count as to the amount of bottles of the Iluma serum I have finished. While I interchange my skin care a lot and mix it up with high-end and budget, the one constant is the Image Illuma Serum. This is desert Island status for me.

This is a beautifully light weight serum that works well at evening out skin tone, helping reduce pigmentation, Age spots, Melasma and redness. I also find it just gives my skin an overall radiance and glow.

I apply this at nighttime but there are times I apply it both day and night. It sinks into the skin beautifully and doesn’t affect my makeup at all. It costs €52.50 but rather than giving you a link to buy it, I am going to suggest that you go to an Image salon for a consultation. This might not be the right product for you, so you would be better off going to a professional and asking them if this is what you need.

Aldi Le Mara body butter

I first came to try the  Le Mara body butter as part of a collaboration with Aldi. I was really taken with how lovely it was and used the first tub up fairly quickly which is not something I do often. Since then I have repurchased it a few times.

I find that this body butter soaks into the skin really fast, doesn’t feel greasy and smells delicious. I found it super for helping with any drier patches I had and it was fantastic for maintaining my false tan!

The Le Mara range is also 100% Irish, with natural ingredients and is cruelty free. The tub will set you back €4.99 and is well worth throwing into the trolley the next time you do your shopping.

Image Vital C hydrating Overnight Masque

Oh this mask is a beauty! I don’t think there has been a single application where I haven’t sighed when it went onto my skin. It really is glorious!!

This is a gel like texture that you apply generously to the skin going to bed at night. I find that it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and soaks in well. It has a blue-green algae extract, which a natural retinoid alternative, so helps with fine lines and wrinkles. It also leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft and definitely looking plumper. I adore this mask and will 100% repurchase.

Again this mask is salon based but you can get it online here for €53.95.

Billion Dollar brow micro pencil

I have phi brows done by the incredible Elizabeth Oakes but I have gotten to the stage that I need to fill them in to add definition and colour. If I am honest, I don’t like doing my brows. I don’t like spending ages filling in every single little stroke to get the perfect instagram brow. I like to do my brows quickly! Yet I still want definition and I want them to look natural.

The Billion Dollar brow micro brow pencil is excellent. I find a lot of micro brow pencils take extra effort but this one is just so good for carving out the brow and filling it in fast without looking fake!! It stays on without smudging or fading. I have a video show casing the pencil in action here but if you fancy trying it yourself it is €23.45 on Look Fantastic here.

Kat Von D Tatoo liner

For a very long time this was my holy grail of holy grail products.This is one of those fool proof eyeliners. It is easy to use and creates the perfect wing. I have repurchased this so many times because I can pick it up and do my eyeliner without thinking!

However, I don’t think I am going to buy another for the simple reason, it is just not black enough! I use to think this was blacker than blacker but now that I have tried others, I can see this is more charcoal and it does fade as the day progresses.I still like it but I just think there are better on the market now. I also think that Kat Von Ds anti vaccination views, have put me off her products a little bit! I think for someone with such a huge following to be telling people not to vaccinate their children is dangerous!!

If you are someone who finds it hard to do eyeliner, then buy this and maybe put a darker cheaper one over it but if you can do your liner, there are better darker ones out there. You can buy Kat Von D in Debenhams and the liner costs €17.85 here. 

Mac Pro Long wear concealer

I first came across the Mac Pro Long wear concealer about 4.5 years ago when I first started to watch Jaclyn Hill. She claimed that this was super for covering dark circles, highlighting the under eye area but also as a primer for you eyelids! It didn’t let me down.

This is another of my holy grail products. It 100% covers dark circles, I love it for brightening and it works as good as any of my dedicated eyeshadow primers. I will say it can sit in fine lines the odd time, so if you’re not overly hydrated steer clear. I am ageing under the eyes and I find it grand but the days I am needing a bit of hydration it can settle. Still I wouldn’t be without and I already have my new bottle ready to go. You can buy it in Mac or online at ASOS for €21 here.

Clarins Instant Concealer

If it is a creamy concealer, that won’t settle in fine lines, that is hydrating and covers dark circles that you’re after then this is what you need. I’ve raved about this for about 3 years now but it is hands down the best concealer out there. I find that it is fantastic for dark circles and it doesn’t crease or wear off. I do like to set it, to keep it in place but it isn’t a must do step. Whenever anyone messages me asking can I recommend a concealer, 99% of the time this is what I point them in the direction of. The shade range is pants, but I find the shade 01 covers most typically Irish skin tones. You can buy it from Debenhams here for €23.40.

Alfa Parf Semi Di Lino – Moisture

For a very long time I have been a die-hard Pureology fan. It was my absolute holy grail and there was nothing that could hold a candle to it. I have spoken about it on the blog a number of times and even dedicated a whole blog post to it! You can read that here. But now that I have started using the Semi DiLino, I don’t know if I will be using the Pureology again!

The Alfaparf Semi DiLino really is exquisite. I find that it is really light weight when washing the hair. It lathers beautiful and smells delicious. When I dry my hair it honest to god leaves it feeling like fluffy clouds. There is not an ounce of heaviness and I get a good three days before I have to wash it again.

This is also sulphate, silicon and paraben free. I honest to god can’t recommend this enough. I am already onto my second bottle and I will 100% be repurchasing. You can buy it here for €14.25

Moroccan Oil Texture Spray

Texture sprays are having a year this year! While hairdressers have probably used them for donkeys years, I feel the general public has really started to invest in them in the past year or so. There are lots on the market but not all are created equal.

The Moroccan texture spray gets a lot of hype but if I am honest, it deserves every single bit of hype surrounding it. It is light weight. Doesn’t feel sticky. Doesn’t clump bits of hair together and gives beautiful texture and  volume. I use this to add a little bit of umph to my hair especially when it is curled.

I apply it to the root on the underneath sections of my hair right up to the crown. I do a tiny bit of back combing with it and give the hair a little tussle and find I get lovely textured hair with volume this way. It really is a super product.

This is only a travel size but I will repurchase! You can buy it for €21.35 here.

Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo

When I comes to washing my hair and am beyond lazy. Even though I have a lovely shampoo, I just hate drying my hair. I have a mountain of it so it just takes an age. So if I can get an extra day or two out of my hair, I always chance it.

Some people think a dry shampoo is a dry shampoo. But let me tell you this. Once you try the Moroccan oil dry shampoo you will know that there is nothing quite like it.

This shampoo is super for soaking up the oils and leaving the hair looking fresh. I find it works even on very greasy hair is you apply it the night before and then again in the morning. Honestly, I have gotten so many extra days with this little trick of the night before and morning after.

A bottle of the dry shampoo is not cheap at €20.45 but it lasts ages. I would get months out of the one bottle and I use it a lot!! I buy mine from Zinc hair and beauty here. 


Readers Empties

I wanted to include some of the readers of The beautiful Truth’s empties. I am trying to get snippets from people on their favourite things for the blog to give another perceptive. For now I will just include the screenshots but in future I am going to get people to DM a few lines about products so I can include little snippets.


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