Evolution Keratin hair care range

Evolution Keratin is a brand new range of haircare products to hit Irish shores from the US of A. They are a brand that originally began in Miami and are quickly spreading around salons across Europe. This brand has only recently launched in Ireland and is quickly being snapped up by salons around the country.
Evolution Keratin pride themselves on the ingredients of their products. They say they were designed with luxury in mind and they are not products that you are going to find on the shelves on your local supermarkets shelves, but rather in the local salon. Each product contains ingredients such as Natural Antioxidants, Vitamin E, Omega 3, and Omega 8, and argan oils , which are said to be ideal for hair protection, treatment and regrowth. 
I have always been lucky and had very good hair, but about 2 years ago my hair took a serious dive for the worse. It was falling out, breaking and colours wouldn’t take to it. As many of you already know it turns out the reason for this is I had a dodgy thyroid and it left my hair in a bad way. I had been trying to find a shampoo and conditioner to get it back in proper order and while I had some success with my colour bombs, I went and got ombre in my hair and the end of my hair dried out completely. I was in need of some hair TLC

Moisturising shampoo and conditioner

The first thing I noticed about the evolution Keratin Shampoo and conditioner was that my hair felt seriously soft. Like soft that I had never felt before out side of a hairdressers wash and blow dry. I don’t have very oily hair, but normally if I want to get two days out of my hair I would need to use a dry shampoo on the 2nd day. With Evolution Keratin shampoo and conditioner I got 3 full days and could of pushed it for a 4th with dry shampoo, but I was afraid that make me a bit of a scruff bag. This has never happened to me before. Normally if I wear my hair down on the day I wash it, I would have to tie it up the next day as it would be a bit on the limp and greasy side. With these I didn’t. I got two good days of wearing my hair down and even on the 3rd day when I lashed it up in a messy bun, it didn’t look greasy or limp. My hair didn’t feel weighed down with product and was light and floaty. We have very hard water here, but I didn’t feel I needed that much extra shampoo to get a good lather going.

Leave in Conditioner

I have very knotty hair after I wash it and often use spray leave in conditioner. While the knots in my hair were actually really reduced as a result of using the Shampoo and conditioner above, a little bit of this helped the hairbrush to glide through my hair. You only need the a tiny amount of product. I pumped 2 pumps into my hands and rubbed them together and then ran my fingers through my hair. I always avoid the root when using leave in conditioner. As far as leave in conditioner goes I did really like this. Again it didn’t leave my hair feel in product heavy and instead left it soft and even more conditioned.

Blowout Treatment

Oh ladies. This product. It is actually unreal. Like I am talking, I will never be without this again it is that good. I don’t normally use treatments in my hair before blow drying it because I am lazy out, but since I got this to try, I thought I would give it a go. I have fairly thick hair and even when I blast dry it, it takes about 20 minutes to dry. I hate blow drying my hair it is the bane of my life, but with this stuff. Oh lads. My hair was dry within about 10 minutes and even with a blast dry there was no frizz. How is this even possible? I have Irish hair, frizz is in our genetics. No frizz means no GHD, which means less heat on my hair and at this stage I have already clawed back an extra 10 to 15 minutes in bed in the morning. The blowout cream contains silk protein and argan oil which are quickly absorbed into the hair to seal in shine and smooth out the hair. I put a 20c size amount of product into the palm of my hands, rubbed them together and then ran it through my hair from root to tip. I used so little of the product, that I find it hard to fathom how I will get through a bottle ever. It will last for ages.
This is seriously a star product for me and by far my favourite beauty item of 2014 so far and it is going to be a hard one to beat. I don’t say it often, but if you have any length in your hair at all, you need this in your life.

Argan oil

I am sure most of you already know what argan oil is and how good it is for our hair. Basically the Argan oil can be used on both wet and dry hair and a small amount of product is run through your hair with your fingers to help provide hydration and repair damaged hair. I feel that people who have over processed hair would really benefit from this. It does not leave your hair feeling product heavy or greasy. This not only helps your hair look better but it is a heat protection product too. You all know how I love a good multi tasking product. I did only use this 2 or 3 times, as Argan oil is only something I would use personally when my hair is in need of an extra bit of love. In saying that, I know my mother, who is blonde, would use this most days to improve the condition of her hair.
So this is the important bit for me. I am sure you are all sitting there thinking, ” sure she got these for free of course she is going to say good things about them” Trust me ladies if I think something is bad, I don’t care if the Pope himself gives them to me, I will tell you the truth. I haven’t tried a hair care range as good as this before and I have tried everything from the €2 store to the most expensive high end stuff. The Shampoo, conditioner and blowout treatment are serious standout products for me. My hair feels and looks great. It has a real healthy feel to it again and people have started to comment on how well my hair looks. These are products that I will buy over and over again. No word of a lie.
As these products are only available in a selection of salons across the country, the people at Evolution Keratin have kindly offered to help a girl out here and by helping me I am able to help you lovely lot out. Below is a list of available products and the prices. As so many of us don’t have these stocked in our local salons we can now get them direct from Evolution Keratin. If you email dace@evolutionkeratin.ie with your order, she can call you back to complete the transaction over the phone and have it posted to you. DO NOT email your credit card details only what you want to order and the payment details can be done over the phone. I have met these people, as have a number of bloggers and I promise you they are legit.
I can not recommend the products above enough and you can read even more about them here . Happy shopping.
Prices of each item

Moisturising Shampoo 10oz/300ml                 €16.50

Moisturising Conditioner 10oz/300ml              €16.50

Balancing Shampoo 10 oz/300ml                   €16.30

Balancing Conditioner 10 oz/300ml               € 16.30

Argan Oil  1.75 oz/50mil                                 € 22.00Blow Out Cream 4 oz/120ml                          € 22.00
Leave in Conditioner Cream 4 oz/120ml        €  21.00

Leave in Conditioner Spray 4 oz/120ml          € 20.50

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    I have some of these on their way to me, can’t wait to try them now. Great review.

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