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screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-21-21-07For the past few months, each time I look in the mirror tired eyes stared back at me. There really is nothing like a few sleepless nights to make you feel the need to pile on makeup to make you feel a little more human! Yet, like a lot of people, getting makeup on everyday isn’t always an option, so when I was invited out to Araya Beauty in Leopardstown for eyelash extensions, I absolutely jumped at the chance! For me, lash extensions mean my eyes would look more awake and I would get away without having to put on makeup a little more.

Araya Beauty Salon is located just behind the Leopardstown inn in Leopardstown Dublin. The salon is the brain child of Araya Fitzgerald, a Thai lady who relocated to Dublin a number of years ago. One of my favourite parts about blogging is getting to try new things and meet new people, but every so often you come across someone very special and Araya was one of those people. She is an absolute lady! She really is very warm and yet direct and to the point, which I absolutely love . I was really quite taken by her.

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Before and after

Before I had my lashes applied, Araya, asked me what type of a look I wanted to go for. Normally when wearing lash extensions I go for a full on glamorous look. However, now that I spend most of my days at home with the baby and wear my glasses a lot more, the full on glamour lashes, just were not going to be suitable. Instead I asked for  lash extensions that were close to a natural length, had good volume and would make my eyes look awake. This is exactly what I got.

eyelash extensions array beauty salon

Before and after

Araya was a very fast worker and my lashes were completed in about an hour and twenty minutes. This to me was an added bonus because while I love the idea of lash extensions, I don’t always have 90 minutes to two hours to get them done. She also used a different method when preparing the eyes for the lashes. Instead of using the big sticky cushions, she uses a much more light weight tape. I found this brilliant because my eyes always got very uncomfortable after about  hour of using the sticky cushions. It also meant that when she was finished and removed the tape, none of my lashes were stuck together. Lashes being stuck together isn’t a big deal, as the lash technician just snips them, but that always freaked me out.

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-21-21-26 I know a lot of people are nervous about lash extensions damaging your natural lashes and if I am honest, they can, but only if you go to someone who doesn’t specialise in lashes. Our lashes grow in a cycle. Every few weeks we shed our lashes and new baby lashes grow. Eyelash extensions should never be applied to these baby lashes, as this is where lash damage can occur. Instead, the lashes should be applied to the older natural lash. When these older lashes have reached the end of their cycle, they fall off as normal and the lash extension falls with them and therefore there is no damage to your lashes. Araya explained to me that she will never applies more lashes than the natural lash can hold, as this will only leaves your lashes damaged.

eyelash extensions array beauty salonAs you can see from the pictures, my lash extensions lasted unbelievable well. Normally I get 3 to 4 weeks out of a full set of lashes before I get infills, but as I write this, it is almost 5 weeks since my lashes were applied and they still have considerable volume. This is unheard of for me. Even my mother commented on how well they were still looking .Yes, I was invited out to get my lashes done, but I think the pictures speak for themselves! I am genuinely throughly impressed. .I didn’t wear any makeup in my pictures as I wanted you to see just how effective lashes can be.

eyelash extensions array beauty salon

Week 2

While Araya does offer a number of treatments including massage and waxing. Her main focus is eyelash extensions and eyebrow tattooing. Her skill speaks for itself as I have  been beyond impressed with my lashes and how at almost five weeks, I still have considerable volume

eyelash extensions array beauty salon

after 4 weeks!!!

A full set is  €100, but when you consider how long the last and how well they look, in my opinion this is a fair price. Infills cost €65 every 4ish weeks. While I got more natural lashes, you can get full on glamour or volume lashes. If you’re in the South Country Dublin area, I honestly can’t recommend Araya enough. You can find out more about Araya and her salon here and about the lash extensions here. Oh and if you mention The Beautiful Truth you will get 15% off

eyelash extensions array beauty salon


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    Aisling Sheehy
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    I must check this lady out. Eyelash extensions would be nice to have over the Christmas!

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      Sinead K
      December 11, 2016 at 7:09 pm

      they are so worth it Aisling

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