Glossybox February 2014

Finally. a Glossybox worth blogging about. After last months diabolical box, people left Glossybox in their droves. The people at Glossybox used social media to ask people to stick with them and that they would take on peoples feelings on last months box on board. I even got a tweet asking me to contact them about my complaints. They even  sent out a survey to see what people wanted from Glossybox and how they felt about the brand. In other words the fear of god was put into them because they were seriously losing out on money.
This months box is a very good one. It is absolutely going in the direction that a Glossybox should be. However, I would like to see less high street products in the box, but you know me, I have expensive taste and I will use everything in this months box .
 The delivery time was also drastically improved. They tool payment around the 6th of February and delivery was received on the 18th. This is much better service and I hope that it continues.

NV Chunky Lip Crayon

I have never heard of this brand and while it is a high street product I really like it. Lip Crayons seem to be the in thing at the moment and I have tried some of them before. I really like the colour of this lip crayon and it was very creamy and applied easily on the lips with no dragging. This is something that I know I will use a lot over the summer months. This is a full size product and costs £5 to buy. You can buy it at

Sleep In Rollers Backcombing Brush

I am a big fan of the Sleep In Rollers range. I have the rollers themselves and find them brilliant when you want a bit of volume in your hair and they are easy to sleep in. I have also tried their barrel brushes and ladies if you like drying your hair with a barrel brush the Sleep in Rollers brush is fantastic. I was actually delighted to see this backcombing brush in the box. I think this is a really good item to include and this will absolutely be put to good use. It costs £4.50 and can be bought at

Maybelline Master Kajal Liner

This is another full size product. It is a cream stick liner. It is very pigmented and goes on easy, without having to pull at the eye to get it to spread. You can never have enough black liners and this is another product that will go to good use. It costs €6.49 and can be bought at most Maybelline stands.

Nougat London Sparkling Body Shimmer

This is a trial size product, but in saying that is a decent size at 100ml. Perfect for travelling with. It is said to add radiance to your skin and contains mallow extract, vitamin E and wheatgerm oil which leaves your skin moisturised and sparkly. Not something I would pick up for myself, but probably something I would lash on for a night out. A full size is 250ml and costs £14 making this around the £6 mark.

H2K Skincare Shampoo and Conditioner

Another high street brand I have never heard of, but to be honest I don’t mind get sample sized shampoos and conditioners because they are great for travelling. I would prefer a more high end brand for my hair, but that is me just being picky. A full bottle of this costs £2.48 each.

Lindt Lindor Bar

I am not going to lie. This has long since been eaten. It was seriously delicious. Not something I would buy for myself either, so the nice bit of luxury in my Glossybox was much appreciated.
Overall I am really happy with this box. I hope that Glossybox keep this up as I had decided that this was going to be the make or break box. Even though I have ordered an Irish beauty box called Powder pocket. I will keep my subscription to Glossybox up for another little while. They aren’t off probation yet, but they might get off early for more good behaviour like this.

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    Cathy Wilson
    February 18, 2014 at 9:03 pm

    I’m actually shocked by this months box, it has some worth while things to talk about and love the cute box itself! But I’m still glad I stopped my subscription all the same. Great post lady was waiting to read it since you posted about it this morning on FB! 🙂 xxx

    • Reply
      Sinéad K
      February 18, 2014 at 9:25 pm

      It was really good. Im chuffed with it

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    Not Just Inside - Irish Beauty Blog
    February 18, 2014 at 9:33 pm

    This one looks great, jaysus lasts months one was crap.

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    NV Colour
    March 25, 2014 at 12:32 pm

    Hi Sinead, thanks for posting about Glossybox and NV! We’re so glad that you like the NV Lip Crayon and we really hope you do get use out of it all summer! Make sure you check our website for more colours and more products. Our lipsticks are also best sellers and the colours are highly pigmented.

    Follow us on twitter for the latest news @nvcolour_uk

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