Glossybox March 2014

Another month, another Glossybox. This is now my 7th Glossybox and I am sad to say it is the last one. Out of 7 boxes I have had 3 good boxes. The September one and last months box. Sadly this box is the nail in the coffin for Glossybox. Each month I pay €16 and all they send out is budget brand makeup, hand or body lotion and sachets of stuff, some of which has even been out of date. Take a look at the contents below and let me know what you think.

Sleek Makeup Pout Polish


I am a big fan of Sleek makeup. I have a number of their blushers and I absolutely love them. This Pout Polish is an orange tinted lip balm. It contains SPF 15, almond oil, shea butter and vitamin E. I am not a big fan of lip balm, so this doesn’t really excite me. It is 1 of the 2 full size products. I know some people will love this, but not me. This is just another Glossybox item that is going to sit in a drawer.

Mitchell and Peach Body cream


Another Body cream! If it’s not hand cream it’s body cream. Seriously!!  The Mitchell and Peach body cream contains, honey, organic cocoa, vitamin B5 and shea butter. Another product for my travel stash.

Bellápierre Cosmetics LTD Shimmer powders



So this is the only product in the box that intrigued me in any way. Bellápierre is a mineral makeup brand that I have seen in salons. This is a shimmering eyeshadow, that can also be mixed in with blusher, nail polish or lipgloss. I think I will just be using this one on my eyes. Out of all the products in the box, this is probably the only one I will use. This is a full size product.

Dove Hair Therapy Intensive Repair 60 second Treatment shot


This is the final “full size product”. To me a full size product should be something that can,  1,  be used more than once or twice and 2, costs more than €2. Seriously Glossybox, come on up your game a little, have some pride in your box.  Will I use this? Maybe, but it will more than likely sit in a drawer somewhere.

Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 week tan Lotion



Eh Glossybox, where exactly am I expected to tan with these little sachets? The amount of product you have included in this box wouldn’t even tan one arm never mind my body. This sample size packet, that is normally handed out at counters or given away is magazines,  is pure and utter rubbish. It is good for absolutely nothing and this particular product was the final nail in the coffin of our relationship. I am not gonna even bother writing a single thing about this product as I find the fact that this tiny sample being included in the box is completely and utterly insulting and the fact that you try and pass this off as one of our 5 products is horrendous . I actually feel like putting this in an envelope and posting it back to you.

There are so many beauty boxes out there now, that I don’t think we need to keep subscribing to the substandard Glossybox. When you look at the contents of this months Chic Treat club box that the girls from posted on their Facebook page, it just highlights how downhill Glossybox has gone. I already subscribe to Powderpocket box, but I think now that I am cancelling my Glossybox subscription I will sign up to Chic Treat club box too.  It is all in the name of research for the blog after all.
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  • Reply
    Pink Elephant Blog
    March 20, 2014 at 4:23 pm

    Yeah, I think this was my last one too. It’s just getting a bit ridiculous, considering that in the first box they had Nars products, etc. I have received about 10 different Anatomicals & Bellapiere products :/

    alex @

    • Reply
      Sinéad K
      March 20, 2014 at 4:26 pm

      omg a Nars product!!!! I think they have long since jumped the shark. I have a free box next month so will cancel after that

  • Reply
    March 28, 2014 at 11:51 pm

    I read somewhere that Glossybox don’t put the same products in the box for their irish customers and that’s why I never signed up. if we’re paying as much as the uk customers we should get the same and I have a feeling the uk customers wouldn’t have been sent those little sachets of tan. seriously if this was free fair enough but it’s something you are PAYING for! Surely your paid custom is worth more than the same ol same ol products and barely enough false tan for your big toe!

    • Reply
      Sinéad K
      March 29, 2014 at 8:03 pm

      Some of the products are different, drives me insane. They really seem like they don’t care anymore. I know an awful lot of people that have canceled, as they are just sick of the rubbish in them. When you look at whats in the Powder Pocket box and chic treat club, there is no comparison

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