Hit, miss and maybe : Eyeshadow palettes

When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, I have a serious problem. When I see a new palette release, there is like a switch goes off inside me and I am not right until I buy it! It is actually an illness! As a result, I am very picky as to what I want from a palette.

For me, if a palette is to be a hit, it must have a good selection of colours that you can create a number of looks from. There is nothing worse than having a palette where the shadows just don’t work all that well together.

Secondly, the shadows must be easy to work with. I don’t have time to spend ages blending out colours. I want a shadow that blends easily and the colour doesn’t change from pan to eye. You would be surprised how often this happens.

Finally, there must be good colour payoff. I can’t stand palettes that have wonderful colour, but it is like getting blood out of a turnip trying to get the colour to transfer onto your eyes.

With this in mind, I have gone through my eyeshadow collection and picked out the palettes that are hit, misses and maybes.


Picking out my favourite palettes, was a lot harder than I expected. There are just so many that I love and narrowing it down to something that I thought was worth spending your money on was hard!! The palettes that I have picked are genuinely ones that I reach for again and again.

Blank Canvas Master series one palette

We might as well start with the obvious one first. My love of the Blank Canvas master series palette will come as no surprise to many of you, as I tend to go on about it again and again on snapchat (@thebeauttruth). However, this is my palette.

As a lover of warm tones, this palette literally sings to my heart. The colour selection is fantastic and you can create a multitude of both daytime and nighttime looks. Not only that but the colour payoff is incredible. In fact a light touch is needed! The shadows are also extremely easy to work with and blend so beautifully. You can see a tutorial here to show you exactly how beautiful the shadows are.

You can read a full review of this palette here but if you fancy buying it Molloys Lifestyle pharmacy have it in stock for €34.95  and if you use my code Beautiful20, you will receive 20% off ( this is not an affiliate code, just a discount code) .

Violet Voss Holy Grail palette

This is yet another palette that many of you will have heard me spout on about on snapchat. But when you look at the range of colours, it isn’t hard to see why I love this palette so much.

The Violet Voss palette contains 20 predominately warm toned shadows. There is a mix of both shimmers and mattes and all are incredibly pigmented. In fact some of them are probably a little too pigmented! With the likes of Wine and Dine, you barely need to touch your brush off the shadow.

I find with this palette the number of looks you can create is endless. My only complaint would be that i would like a black shadow, but that is me being uber critical!

You can buy it from Beauty Bay for €51.80 here. But be warned, it is very hard to get your hands on this, so if you see it in stock, buy it!

Too Faced sweet peach palette

You might not hear me talk about this palette all that often, but the only reason I wasn’t talking about it, was that it was so hard to buy. In fact, it was out of stock for a good 6 months! However, it is now finally back in stock in Debenhams so I can finally talk all about it.

When it comes to eyeshadow, Too Faced know their stuff. The Sweet Peach palette has 18 eyeshadows, which re a mix of mattes and shimmers. There is also a great mix of warm and cool toned shadows, so even if you’re not a lover of one, there is options. Even as someone who wouldn’t be a great lover of cool tones, I still use all the shadows in this palette.

The quality of the Too Faced shadows are fantastic. They have great colour payoff, are easy to work with and the best part is they smell incredible! This palette smells of peaches!

In my opinion, this palette is the perfect spring / summer palette. You can pick it up in Debenhams for €47. It seems to be sold out online again!

The Balm Meet Matt (E) Trimony palette

There is a bit of a trend developing here, because this palette from The Balm  is yet another warm toned palette but I had to include this. The Meet Matte Trimony palette is an all matte palette with 9 warm toned shadows. What I love about The Balm products is they are not only talc free but cruelty free too!

The shadows in this palette are very finely milled and as a result they blend really well. There is a little fall out but nothing that bothers me. The shadows included can also be used to create a number of day and night time colours. I genuinely reach for this palette again and again. You can buy it on the Molloys Lifestyle Pharmacy website for €44 here.

Modern Renaissance Palette

At this stage I reckon you’re all sick of me and many other bloggers harping on about this palette but it is for good reason. This is an incredible palette. I would actually go as far as saying that this palette was in my top 3 favourite products from 2016! It is just unreal.

The Modern Renaissance palette contains 14 shadows that are a mixture of shimmers and mattes. Normally I am not a fan of shimmers but the quality of the shimmers in this palette is amazing! They are so creamy and work so beautifully on the eyes. The same with the mattes.The colour pay off is nothing short of sensational!  I honestly believe that the shadows in this palette are hands down some of the best quality shadows I’ve ever used. They are incredible!!!

I can spend all day singing the praises of this palette but you can read a full review here. If you do fancy  buying it, you can get it from Cult Beauty here for around €48 depending on the exchange rate.


The palettes in this section are favourites of many and for the most part there is nothing really wrong with them. However, for one reason or another, they have just missed the mark for me.

Morphe 35o palette

There was an awful lot of hype surrounding this palette for a long time. In fact it was near on impossible to get your hands on it for almost a year! I blame Jaclyn Hill, as she has raved about this palette for a long time. Although I am a little dubious of how much she has raved about it!!

In case you didn’t know, for the most part, Morphe is a white label brand. This means that they don’t actually make the product themselves, but instead they pick it from a factories catalog and put their name on the palette. This is quite common in the makeup world and it doesn’t always mean that there is inferior quality. I am however a little weary of white label makeup. I have trust issues with ingredients that I put on my face!! Although in saying that, I have used some fantastic white label products.

There are 35 shadows in the 35o palette. They are a mix of warm and cooled tones, as well as shimmers and mattes. The colours included in the palette are beautiful and there is a great mix of colours to create  number of looks. It looks like it ticks all the boxes. Yet, it just didn’t set my world on fire. I feel that while they colour have good pigment, they just don’t last well on the eyes. They blend ok but they need work.  Not only that, while the shimmers swatch really well, I found them to be quite crumbly on the eyes and they had a lot of fall out.

You might think that by reading this, this palette should be in the misses section, but for the most part this palette is grand. I think while the above faults are true, you need to take into account that i am extremely hard to please when it comes to eyeshadows. I have high standards and when they aren’t hit within a few uses, the palette gets discarded.

I think for someone who isn’t as critical for me or for a younger women this palette could be a great match. If you fancy buying it, you can get it from Cloud 10 beauty for €25.95 here.

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette

The Naked Ultimate basics palette was released to huge fanfare late last year. Urban Decay are famous for their Naked palettes and most women have at least one Naked palette in their collection. When I first saw the Naked Ultimate Basics palette advertised, the longing was intense. An all matte mainly warm toned palette. I mean, what more could I ask for?

This is a lovely palette, the shadows work well together, they blend easily and there is good colour pay off. I can’t fault it. Yet, why if it is so lovely do I have it located in the maybe pile? I don’t know what it is, but this palette just does nothing for me. There is nothing wrong with it at all, I think I just find it a little boring. A little safe. Even my own sister said that she prefers Naked Basics 1 and 2 over this palette.

Even saying that. I would recommend this palette. It is a lovely palette to use, it just isn’t my cuppa tea. You can buy it from Debenhams here for €47.50


What makes a miss a miss? For me it is lack of pigment, hard to work with and colour selection. However, I know there are palettes in there that other people love!

The Pippa Palette

I know lots of people love this palette but for me it was a definite miss.

The range of colours in this palette is lovely and to be fair, they all compliment each other. I also like that they have a full palette. As in it contains products for eyes and face. However, I just felt the quality was not there. I found the eyeshadow lacked pigment and it took a lot to get the colour to transfer to your eye to achieve the colour in the pan. I also found them very difficult to blend and they tended to look a little muddy on the eyes. When the shadows were applied individuals they were grand, but as soon as i added another colour in, it all went pear shaped.

The blusher also had little to know colour payoff and it was far too light for my skin tone and I am fairly pale. However, I did really like the highlighter and the contour was grand!

Overall, I found this palette a bit meh. There was a massive amount of hype surrounding this and I just don’t get it. They only thing I can think of is that maybe there was different quality in the palette from different batches.  I’m clutching at straws here but  it just doesn’t make sense how there is such divide in people that love it and people who really don’t!!

Smash box Double exposure palette

While this is a cooler toned palette, that is not reason I have the Smashbox Double Exposure palette in my miss section. This palette was a massive disappointment for me in so many ways.

First off, the palette contains 14 shadows that can be worn wet or dry. The shadows can be applied straight out of the pan, or you can dampen a brush to get a little more colour intensity. The shadows are predominately matte but there are some light shimmers thrown in.

My problem was not with the colours themselves but rather how they worked on the eye. When applied straight from the pan, the colour pay off was fairly poor. They didn’t blend well and they didn’t last well throughout the day. When applied wet, there was a little more colour payoff, but when blended they went so muddy looking. In fact I found wet or dry, the colour when blended was nothing like in the pan and just looked dirty on the eye. I tried to work this palette in so many different ways with different brushes, but it just wouldn’t happen for me.

While the Pippa palette had some redeeming qualities, in my eyes the double exposure has none at all. It is just not a good palette at all!




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    February 28, 2017 at 1:22 pm

    I’ve been lusting after the sweet peach palette. id love to see some looks you’ve done with it.

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    Rebecca Doran
    March 1, 2017 at 3:40 pm

    Brilliant article. I have noticed the Double Exposure palette does meet a lot of people’s expectations. I can see what you mean there x

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    March 21, 2017 at 12:53 pm

    Totally agree about the Pippa palette, very disappointed when I got mine! Seems to be no pigment at all!!

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