Hourglass Ambient lighting blusher – Diffused heat review

These little beauties came onto my radar in January. I am not going to lie, I squealed a little when I saw Temptalia talk about them. I am a massive fan of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting finishing powders, so the thoughts of a blusher version of these wonder powders, seriously had my knickers in a twist. I wanted one, but I couldn’t decide which one I should start with, as I wanted to see them all in real life before ordering. They aren’t cheap, so I didn’t want to regret my choice.
Googled picture from beautypointofview.com
The Hourglass Ambient lighting blushers come in 6 shades. Diffused heat, Dim Infusions, Mood Exposure, ethereal glow, Luminous Flush and Radiant magenta. A few weeks ago, I found myself in Dundrum and I headed straight for Space Nk in Harvey Nicholas. Oh Lordy, these things were so beautiful in real life. I was seriously overwhelmed and didn’t know which one to choose. After a lot of back and forth between, Dim Infusion and Diffused Heat, I settled on Diffused heat and happily handed over my card.
Hourglass blusher and finishing powder compacts
The packaging is so beautiful. It comes in a small gold coloured, plastic (but not cheap plastic) compact, with a good sized mirror inside. The packing really makes it feel like the most luxurious product. Something that would have been on your mothers vanity as a child and while you stood and stared longingly at it, you were warned never to touch for fear of losing your life.  There is 4.25grams of product, which to me seems like a lot. I don’t know how I will ever hit pan on this blusher. It is a lot smaller in size, than the Ambient lighting finishing powders, which contains nearly 10grams of product, but lets be honest. We would never use 10grams of blusher. Not in a life time
Diffused Heat blusher and Diffused light finishing powder
I don’t know how they managed to do it, but the magicians at Hourglass have managed to give the blusher the same flattering light technology as the Ambient Lighting finishing powders. The Hourglass blusher has a marbled effect and is swirled in with the Diffused light finishing powder. Look at it, it is so pretty. The way these blushers have been made, means that no two blushers are alike. I mean are they trying to bankrupt me? Knowing that no two are the same,  I want more.
Hourglass Ambient lighting blusher in Diffused Heat
Diffused heat is said to be a “vibrant poppy” shade. I would describe it as a coral colour. The reason it is called diffused heat, is as I mentioned above, it is mixed with  the yellow toned Diffused light finishing powder. When you run your brush over the pan, the two colours mix together to give you the most beautifully flattering blusher. Swoon. There is a little bit of shimmer in the blusher, but it is flattering shimmer, rather than glitter in your face shimmer.
I’m not the best at swatching
Just like the finishing powders, these blushers are finely milled and don’t look cakey or powdery on the skin. This is a very pigmented blusher so a little goes a very long way. I use a very light touch when applying this blusher and then build it up to my desired look. Other wise if you go in too heavy handed, there is a chance you may end up sporting the Bosco look.
A little selfie, while wearing Hourglass, diffused heat blusher
The question is, is it worth €32.50 a pop?  Mmmmmm, I don’t know is the answer and this is only because of the cost. While it is the most beautiful blusher I have ever tried, €32.50 is a serious amount of money to be dropping on a blusher. If you are a blusher fan than you need this. If you are looking for a treat, then splash that cash and enjoy, but if money is on the tighter side, then spend you money on the Ambient lighting powder instead.

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