How to clean your brushes

Some of my many brushes that needed cleaning
  Like many beauty addicts I have a serious amount of brushes. I take my brushes very seriously and like to keep them in good condition so they will last. I hate using dirty brushes when doing my makeup. It can ruin a look. So I like to clean my brushes at least every 10 days, if not every week. When I saw the Sigma spa cleaning glove I thought to myself I have to have that. Anything that would make cleaning my brushes easier was going to be a godsend, but at €33.95 I just couldn’t justify it. At the end of the day it was just a glove with bumps on it. So I took to eBay and found this little beauty.
ebay oven glove

For €2 plus delivery I got the almost the exact same item as the Sigma spa glove.Who new a silicone oven glove could be used to clean brushes. So how does it work?

They key to keeping your brushes in good condition is to keep the metal part try. I use either brush cleaner or baby shampoo. To clean the brush, put a little bit of shampoo on the glove, wet the glove, wet the brush head and then just like with the Sigma glove rub the brush up and down the ridges. Keep rinsing off the shampoo and once the brush is clean squash the excess water off. Simples.

Some of the brushes after cleaning

This glove has really taken the pain out of cleaning brushes. I can clean all my brushes, and there is a whole lot, in about 10 minutes. There are some small differences with this oven glove/ brush cleaning glove and the Sigma Spa cleaning glove but at the end of the day they do they exact same thing. I would highly recommend this glove and for such a bargain how can you resist?

Sigma Spa Cleaning glove

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    Samantha Johnston
    January 8, 2014 at 4:18 pm

    Brilliant find!! I’ve been meaning to clean my brushes for ages now, always seems like such a hassle but will give this a go for sure!

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