How to depot a Mac Eyeshadow

To depot your eyeshadow you will need:

Step 1:
Using the sharp knife, pop the pan out of the holder by placing the point into seem at the front.
Step 2:

Place the tinfoil on the pre heated GHD

Step 3:
Place the depotted pan onto the tinfoil and leave for about 60-90 seconds or until the centre has melted like the picture below.
Step 4:
Using the knife again place the point into the melted section and push gently. The eyeshadow pan should detached from its plastic holder easily. If it doesn’t place it back onto the tinfoil and GHD for a little longer. When you are taking the pan out of the plastic holder take extreme care as the glue can be very hot.
I always lightly wet the sticker on the back of the original container to remove it. Then you can place the name sticker onto the pan. Once you have completed all of these steps all you need to do is place the depotted pan into your palette.
TIP: If you have 6 empty mac products you can bring them back to a Mac store and receive any free lipstick that you fancy ( apart from Viva Glam and prolong wear).

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