How to dress for a big bust

Boobs! The bane of so many women lives. Most of us either have too much and want less. Or don’t have enough and want more! Either way, dress to suit your own shape can be hard work at times. Especially if you have a large bust.

Dressing big boobs isn’t as hard as you might think. Once you stick to a few guidelines, picking out clothes to suit your chest size is a lot easier. However, remember rules are also made to be broken!

Buy a good Bra

When it comes to bras for big busts, you need to invest. As lovely as it would be to run into Penneys and pick up something wonderfully frilly and multi coloured, for the most part, you’re unlikely to find good support in bras like this. When you’ve a large bust, you need good support in your bras, to stop your boobs knocking off your knees!  Once you get a proper bra that fits it will lift and separate your bust and get rid of the uni boob. My best advice is to go to somewhere like Debenhams or Arnotts to get measured . I found the staff in both shops fantastic for guiding me in the direction of a bra that gives lift, definition and gets rid of any back boobs!! You can check out what Debenehams have to offer here and what Arnotts have on offer here.

V neck or scoop neck for the win!

While not all high neck tops are bad for bigger boobs, a V neck or a scoop neck top or dress is far more flattering. Neck lines like this will break up the space and stop your chest looking like a uniboob ! A lower neckline will elongate your neck and slim down the chest area. How low you go with the V or the scoop all depends on how comfortable you are with showing off your cleavage.

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Keep your tops simple

Frills, sequins bows etc on the chest area is going to add more volume to the area. If you’re anything like me, you’r going to want to make the chest look smaller rather than bigger, so stick to simple lines and avoid big pockets, bows and frills!

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Wrap it up

I can’t tell you how much the wrap dress is a busty girls best friend. Wrap dresses will not only make your boobs look smaller but they will make them look more shapely too as the wrap is going to give definition the the area. They are also brilliant for hiding any excess weight on the tummy area.

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Tuck it in

If you have a top that hangs too loose it can make you look bigger than you are because of your boobs. Why not tuck it into your skirt trousers to help create a more defined waist! Body suits are also super for this!

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Keep your coats and blazers simple

Avoid double breasted coats and blazers. Again these will make you look broader and and add more volume to your chest! Instead lean towards single breasted coats and blazers with a deeper neckline. Look for a longer silhouette as this will make your torso look longer and therefor you boobs will look smaller. When it comes to buttons, don’t bother closing your blazer and try and get ones with either no buttons, or make sure the buttons are past the boobs.

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