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Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 23.10.51So this blog is half interiors/half beauty.

For a long time now I have been seeing silk pillowcases on show at trade fairs, in suppliers showrooms at expos etc. To a large extent I have ignored them as they kind of freaked me out a little. The thoughts that go through my head when thinking of sleeping on silk ranged from ‘will my head simply slip or slide off the pillow’ to ‘ what if I drool in the middle of the night and wake up with stains on my pillowcase morto…’ .

On a recent trip out and about I came across silk pillowcases in Homestore and More, these promised every benefit that all the other silk pillowcases I had seen did and at 2 for €20 I thought feck it I’ll give them a go for the sake of the blog!

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I hate to say it but I was pleasantly surprised….

So to a basic sciency bit…

Have you ever woken up with a ‘sleep-crease’ or a ‘sleep line’ on your face? While the creases usually go away later on in the day, they are an indication of the damage that is done to your face when sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, and as we get older, our skin gets more fragile, our collagen and elastin grown less resilient and the sleep lines take longer to disappear, eventually turning into permanent wrinkles.

How much time and money do you spend on expensive facial creams and beauty treatments? When you think about how much time and money we spend on expensive facial creams and cosmetic procedures, it seems such a waste to undermine all these efforts by forgetting to do something as simple as sleeping on silk.

The vast majority of people now sleep on pillowcases made from cotton, myself included, the problem with cotton pillowcases (when caring for your skin) are as follows:

  • cotton does not slip, so the fabric continuously tugs at delicate parts of the face and neck.
  • cotton feels good against the skin and is comfortably cool, especially in warm climates BUT, cotton also absorbs moisture, which can be beneficial—except when it dries out the skin and hair, and as it absorbs moisture, it also absorbs the expensive facial creams which we apply.

The silk pillowcases I bought claimed to do the following things:

  • Hypoallergenic – highly beneficial for people with sensitive skin conditions
  • Banishes Hair Frizz – the protein in silk helps to prevent ‘bed hair’, frizz and split ends
  • Anti Ageing – skin will breathe easier and lose less moisture against silk, skin will appear smoother without creases
  • Promote a good night’s sleep – silk is also known to calm the nervous system prompting a good night’s sleep.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 23.08.25Of the four above promises made by this pillowcase I can say that I achieved three.

Hypoallergenic –Apparently because of the small areas between silk threads there is not much space for dust and other allergens to hang out! I suffer from hayfever and allergies and find that the worst times of the day for me are at around 3pm and again at about 1am. I normally wake up completely blocked and choked up and it takes a good hour for me to clear up and get back to sleep. This is something that during the summer months especially I learn to live with. Not anymore…..I have been sleeping on this silk pillowcase now for a week and haven’t woken up once!!! Yipppeee full night’s sleep.

Hair – What do you think of when you think of the word ‘silk’? I think of two things the smooth silky feeling of a luxurious fabric and galaxy chocolate…their tagline is of course ‘why have cotton when you can have silk’. If you think of the way silk allows things to glide over its surface then you have your answer. Sleeping on silk means that your hair is not spending the night rubbing against surfaces that do not glide, causing friction and ultimately hair breakage and bed head. As a test I washed and blowdryed my hair before going to bed the first night sleeping on the silk pillowcase and guess what…I woke up in the morning and barely had to brush my hair!

Anti – Ageing – One of the properties of cotton is its ability to absorb many times its weight of a liquid.  Silk doesn’t do that, while it is absorbent it is not nearly as absorbent as cotton.  What this means is your face will stay moisturized for longer. I found that you basically woke up with your skin feeling just as moisturised as when I applied my night cream before hoping into bed. I woke up to fresh, moisturised skin instead of dehydrated tired skin.  I suffer from dry skin and eczema and have found after using this pillow for a week that my skin is in a much better condition and my eczema has noticeably improved.

Promote sleep – It took me a bit to get used to sleeping on silk I must admit and while I certainly slept well on the pillowcase I couldn’t say for certain that it calmed my nerves and helped me sleep better. Anyone who knows me knows I will sleep virtually anywhere and once my head hits the pillow I am normally out for the count in a matter of minutes so I am certainly not the best judge for this benefit.

Would love to hear if any of you have used these pillowcases before and what you thought of them.


Susie xx

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    July 10, 2014 at 9:31 pm

    I really need to try these!

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    August 29, 2016 at 12:23 am

    Loved this blog was looking everywhere for affordable silk pillowcasesleep for my mam who is undergoing chemotherapy and it was recommended to use silk pillowcases for slowing down hair lose also I want to get one for my own hair as I sweat through my head and have to go over my dry knotty rats neat hair every morning with the hairdryer in order to make it look presentable. I hate doing this as I know I am damaging my hair. I seen these pillowcases in homestore and more and was wondering if they were as good as the more expensive ones as there is a huge difference in price. So I was delighted to read this post!!! Thanks so much for the information!!!!

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