Image Skincare Max Facial at Renaissance Laser and Skincare clinic

facialI am a firm believer in treating yourself to a facial every few weeks or so and a few weeks ago I headed out to the Renaissance Laser and Skin care clinic in Howth to try the new Image Max facial. At the rate at which I’m raving about Image, you’re all going to think I am being sponsored by Image skin care, but I just really like the brand and it works well with my skin.

The Renaissance Laser and Skin care clinic in Howth is a little different from places I normally go for my facials as it is a medically based clinic. While the clinic is lovely and relaxing, it does have more of a clinic feel to it than what you might normally be used to. In saying that, the consultants in Renaissance Clinic seriously know their stuff, and I felt like my skin was in super safe hands.

While facials are meant to be a relaxing treat to ourselves, the most important thing you need to get from any facial is results and without a shadow of a doubt you will see results from the Image Max Facial. The Max facial focuses on correction, prevention, nutrition and giving your skin one serious glow.

To start off the facial, my skin was cleansed using the Max cleanser mixed with one of my favourite products, the Image Iluma Intense Brightening exfoliating powder. When you mix these two together it gives your skin a power cleanse and preps it for the next stage of the facial. At this point, my skin was analysed and my therapist began to recommend products I might consider using to help with my problem areas. If you’re interesting in finding out what I am using to combat my crazy skin, then you can read all about it here.

IMG_8209The next part was where the peel happened. This is the stage where the magic happens and using a blend of papaya, pineapple, pumpkin  mango, along with glycollic acid and active enzymes your skin is brightened, tightened and lightened to make it look less tired and dull looking.   I have very sensitive skin, so I was very nervous of this part especially because I had a very bad reaction to an at home glycollic peel last year. When I hear the word peel, I always think of that episode of Sex and the City where Samantha comes out with a roaring red face and couldn’t show her face in public for ages. God I miss that show.  I was told I would feel a tingle, but to be honest my skin felt a little on the hot side. I did tell my therapist and she assured me this was normal, but it was a little uncomfortable, but bearable.

For the third part of this facial, I had the Max mask Applied. This is rather an unusual product as when it is first applied, it feels super hot on the skin, but after a minute or two it cools down and it quite soothing! This mask is massaged into the skin for a few minutes and left to sit and work it’s magic. While this happened, I received such a relaxing head massage. I swear I love nothing more then someone massaging the very top of my neck and base of my head. It is mental that there is so many pressure points in there that relieve stress.

Once the Max mask was cleansed off my skin, the Image Illuma intense lightening serum and eye cream was applied. As it was late evening there was no need for SPF, as my skin was getting bed ready. I love the Illuma intense lightening serum and have used it for a while now. I hope to have a full review up soon, but needed less to say it has left my skin looking brighter.


IMG_8224As for the results. Once the facial was finished, my skin was genuinely brighter. Especially around the cheek and forehead area. My makeup also sat much better on my skin, as the dead skin had been removed. I also found that the facial gave my skin a bit of a kick start to looking healthy again. I did have a break out on my chin the week after, but I can’t be sure if that was the facial or hormonal spots!

If you’re looking for a facial that brightens, tightens and give the skin an over all much fresh appearance, I highly recommend the Max facial at Renaissance clinic in Howth . You can read more about the facial here .


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    Good to hear you saw such good and instant results!

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