Inglot Freedom system

Inglot Freedom system

There is no denying it. I have an eyeshadow problem and my latest addition to this addiction is the Inglot freedom system. I mean, there is more eyeshadows to choose from than I could possibly dream of.

Inglot palette

For those of you that don’t know how it works, the Inglot Freedom system gives you the chance to create your own palette. The palettes come in 4s, 5s and 10s costing €6 each no matter the size. Each eyeshadow is €6. Which I think is seriously good value considering the size of the eyeshadows themselves. I bought 5 slot palette with 5 eyeshadows which cost €36 in total.

The palette itself is magnetic, so each of the eyshadows slot in easily.  Each palette stacks on top of each other and is easy to store.

Inglot eyeshadows

The palette I created has been my go to palette over the Christmas. I love these colours. Especially the combination of 21 and 11 together. Each eyeshadow is extremely pigmented and easy to blend and work with. I can not recommend these eyeshadows enough. I love, love, love them.


If I could give you one bit of advice when buying a freedom palette, it’s make sure you have time to mix and match, so that you don’t get overwhelmed by the selection . I have found that the staff in Inglot can be quite unhelpful. I bought my palette at the Jervis street counter and I told the sales assistantthe colours I already had. It was like it went in one ear and out the other and she picked 2 colours that are very similar if not identical to eyeshadows I have already bought. She had a serious attitude and she couldn’t be bothered helping me, which has left me with a sour taste in my mouth. I will not shop at that Inglot counter again and will instead go to Blanchardstown where I have found the staff to be much more helpful.

look created using colours, 390 and 395 on the lid with 378 in the crease and outer v

Have you tried the Freedom system? I can’t wait to add more of these fab eyeshadows to my collection.

Inglot 378 in the crease and outer v

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