June Favourites

DSC_0003I haven’t actually written and a monthly favourites post in a while. I know I say it every month, but I actually can’t believe June is over! This year is going ridiculously fast. I hate the fact that, the older I get, the faster the months speed by.

This month I tried out a lot of new products, as well as falling in love it some old favourites. At the moment, my real focus is trying to get a flawless base. My skin has really decided to fight me with this. It got so bad with spots, allergic reactions and cold sores all at one time, that my sister asked if I had chicken pox!!! Throw in a dose of the flu, that left me holed up in bed for all of last week and I was an absolute beauty.

I am looking forward to July as I am heading to Florida for most of it. I would love to hear some of you favourite products at the moment so that I can have ideas of things to buy when I am over there. Leave a comment below of the products that you are really loving at the moment. I need you to enable me.

Nars sheer Glow

DSC_0021I actually couldn’t start with anything other than this foundation. Oh christ on a bike, this is the like angels on my face. The Nar sheer glow is a light to medium buildable coverage. It covers a multitude of imperfections, but doesn’t look cakey or heavy and you can still see my freckles. It is long wearing, but will need the odd retouch during the day. The one thing I would say about this foundation is a primer is a must. If I wear it without a primer it doesn’t look anywhere near as well as it can. I use the Smashbox photo finish primer,my absolutely holy grail primer. A bottle of the Nars sheer glow isn’t cheap, but honestly I know I say it a lot, but a little goes a long way. It blends into the skin so magically. You can buy it for €40 from Brown Thomas.

Mac fix +

DSC_0028With the weather being as warm as it was, I found Mac fix+ very refreshing on my skin. Fix+ has a multitude of uses, but I love to spray it on clean skin before I apply my moisturiser or primer. It leaves the skin feeling lovely and fresh. I also spray it over my makeup during the day to freshen it up, and stop it looking cakey. You can also use it for mixing pigments, making eyeshadows more vibrant or even to dilute a concealer or foundation. A 100ml bottle costs €18, but I have had mine since Christmas and I use it all the time, so you can see how long it lasts.

Inglot Sculpting powders

DSC_0038If you are a fan of a power contour, then you will love this sculpting duo. I have worn this non stop all month. It is just so beautiful on the skin. The brown part reminds me quite a bit of the Kevin Aucoin sculpting powder. The Inglot sculpting powder has more of a grey tone to it, which I find much better for creating a sculpted cheek look. I have been using the lighter powder for setting my under eye concealer more so than highlighting. I am still loving the Inglot Sparkling dust for highlighting. I am yet to find anything as beautiful as that to highlight. Inglot Jervis street have these in stock and you can contact them on 0877808776 to book in for a complimentary class on how to contour like Kim, when you buy this powder. Honestly I don’t know how many times I have done this now. It is a great way to pick up tips and tricks

Nars radiant creamy concealer

DSC_0050Just like with Nar sheer glow, this concealer is like something from heaven. I love this concealer. I mean I just can’t get enough of it, I love it that much. I can’t say enough good things about it. The look it gives my under eye area, while at the same time covering my dark circles. Oh lordy!! I have tried to go back to my old concealers during the month, but it just wasn’t the same. I raced back to using my Nars concealer again and was sorry I tried something else. It is expensive at €26, but I will pay it again and again. You can read full review here.

Physicians Formula Eye booster 2 in 1 eyeliner and serum

DSC_0055 I recently featured this eyeliner pen in a Thrifty Tuesday post. This is a blacker than black, pen liner. It has the perfect stiffness for creating a winged liner look. It lasts all day, and comes off easily without having to tug at the eyes. Physicians formula are currently being rolled out across Ireland, so if you do see it, let me know where you managed to get your hands on it. It will set you back €15.90, but if you are an eyeliner lover, you will love this .

Too Face Chocolate bar palette

DSC_0062Oh ladies this palette, is everything and more that I could ever have hoped for in a palette. The colours are so pigmented, go on like butter and blend like a dream. There is a great range of shimmer and mattes and enough different types of colours, so that you aren’t just stuck to neutrals. What makes this palette even more unique is that it smells like chocolate. It is heavenly.  I have been working on a full review, including a number of looks that you can create with this palette and hopefully it will be up in the next week or too. While this is hands down one of the best palettes out there, in my opinion it is better than any of the Naked palettes, it is expensive. It costs €63 in Ireland, but if you are in the States you can pick it up for around the €37 mark. We are so ripped off here it kills me. If you are however in the marked for a new palette, you really can’t go wrong with this one.




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