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screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-17-08-15Guest Contributor: Noel Flynn from ABC GYM

Am I being selfish? One of the main reasons for setting up the ‘Look Good, Feel Better’ group is, I probably need it myself. I am getting married in April, so as I am sure many of you can understand, I want to look good for the wedding. Here is the thing, in my experience looking good is always a by-product of feeling better. Again from experience this time of year is extremely busy for me and like a lot of us when I get busy I can be likely to eat on the go without any preparation and that generally means eating less quality foods.

Have you ever noticed how you feel when you are busy? The tiredness that comes is not necessarily from the work itself but the fact that you are getting less quality vitamins and minerals into the body through food and with that, probably dehydration as well as lack of quality sleep.The vicious circle continues as the tiredness leads to lack of effort when it comes to food and you naturally want to reach for ‘feel good’ foods, which will give you an immediate sugar rush spike but will leave you more tired after the crash on the way down.

Two years ago I was preparing for training the Tipperary GAA footballers along with running the gym and I was grabbing food on the go all of the time. In a couple of weeks I will be starting a similar role as Strength & Conditioning Coach to the Laois GAA footballers and I am already aware that I do not want to feel tired and stressed like I did in the past.

So what benefit will the group be?

Accountability – that little Angel / Devil scenario – when you see others putting up recipes and / or pics of their food, it will be a small reminder of what you should be doing.

Like Minded People – we hope to create a community of people who understand the benefits of exercise and healthy eating. This will be for those who are prepared to eat sensibly and exercise without always looking for a quick fix or always jumping on the latest fad.

Education & Advice  – Social media used in the right way can be so powerful and can be a great learning tool.

Who is it not for?

Nobody from any fat loss programmes / multi level marketing / supplement sellers are welcome. Posts will be deleted and you will be banned.

No Whingers or attention seekers allowed – the why always me brigade – this group is for smart people who know that a free group is not going to magically change your life, especially if all you do is scroll through posts without making any effort.

No Self Promoters –  I think we have all been added to groups before where the admin or others who come into the group with an agenda to self-promote and it is head wrecking.

Other than that I am sure the group will evolve and changes will be made, just understand that I am the boss and I create the rules.

I do hope to add people over time who can help in terms of information and content but again they are to be selected by myself.

For now I am not going to ban any other Personal Trainers or Nutritionists but that will depend on whether you help and provide value to the group or are there to sell or steal etc. If you reach out and say who you are and how you can help welcome on board.

I am excited to see how this works out, I am excited to see how others interact and help each other out, I am nervous to see does the accountability lead to a disciplined food approach at times when I would grab something quick in a garage.

I will start posting in a few days’ time but in the meantime let’s get your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, sister, brothers or friends or whoever you think will help on your journey into the group and we will take it from there. Like anything else you will only get out of it, what you put into it. Jump in, introduce yourself and say Hi.

You can join the page by clicking the link below.


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