Mac blusher haul

DSC_7086With the winter fast approaching, it is time to bring a little colour into our lives and embrace glowy cheeks for the cold days ahead. When it comes to blushers, I have many favourites, but right up there at the top is Mac blushers. Yes I know, I am a more than a little bit of a Mac fan girl, but sure what harm.

When buying blushers from Mac, I strongly suggest that you ditch buying blushers in the packaging and instead opt for the pan format. The reason being a regular blusher in packaging costs €24 compared to the blusher in the pan at €20. Not only that, blushers in the pan are far easier to store too. No need to worry about finding places to store bulky packaging, instead I store mine in either my Make up For ever magnetic palette or else in a Mac blusher palette.

My most recent blusher purchases happened during my trip to Florida, where I had a fairly substantial  Mac Haul. Included in that haul, were three new blushers to add to my quickly growing collection.

DSC_7092First up is a blusher that has been on my list for a long time, Sunbasque! My god this is such a beautiful and somewhat unique colour. It is a peachy bronze shade, that with the help of a little bit of subtle shimmer, it glows on your cheeks.As this is a sheer tone shimmer blush, it basically means it adds a little bit of a glow to your cheeks as well as a splash of colour. So don’t be put off by the word shimmer. Instead embrace the glow!! The colour pay off is excellent and like with most Mac blushers it is long wearing. One thing to note is, due to the bronze colour and strong pigmentation, Sunbasque is probably not suited to the very pale skin tones. I find that I need to take a light hand when applying so that I don’t apply too strong a colour. If you’re fairer, then Mac Margin would be more suited to your skin tone.

The second colour I bought was a cult favourite colour, Harmony. The reason Harmony is a cult favourite is not only can it be used as a blusher, but its nude beige colour makes it a really good contour powder! In saying that, when used as a contour powder a light hand is most certainly needed so that you don’t end up looking like you have a streak of mud down the side of your face!

DSC_7093Harmony is a matte powder blusher, that when applied to the cheeks gives a lovely peachy hint of colour. This is deinfetly a colour that is Irish skin appropriate.

The last blusher I bought was a complete impulse buy. It is very rare that I buy any makeup on impulse, as I often research a product to death before parting with my hard earned cash. However, when I saw Plum Foolery, there was absolutely no way I was leaving it in the shop.

DSC_7099Just like Sunbasque, Plum foolery is a sheer tone shimmer blusher, that adds a glow to the cheeks. The shimmer in Plum foolery is a little more golden that other blushers, which gives a much richer splash of colour to the cheeks. As the name would suggest,  Plum Foolery is described as a dirty plum colour with a hint of golden shimmer. This blusher is very pigmented, so unless you want to look like Aunt Sally, use a nice fluffy brush and a light hand. When applied this way, it gives your cheek a beautiful warm plumy hue. This is suitable for all skin tones, but depending on how fair you are, go easy on application.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 22.31.45

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 22.25.51Out of all three colours that i bought, Harmony is my least favourite. I still like it, but I prefer the other two blushers, as the shimmer gives your cheeks a beautiful glow, whereas the matte blusher gives more of a flat colour.

If I was to pick a favourite out of the three it would be very hard to pick between Plum foolery and Sunbasque, but if i was pushed I would pick Sunbasque, as I just love the glow that it gives the cheeks.

You can buy Mac blushers in the pan here  for €20 and the regular blusher in their packaging here for €24

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    Claire Kane
    September 30, 2015 at 2:34 pm

    You say ‘Blusher!!’ Hurray! It seems to be condescend into ‘Blush’ and I always feel a bit silly saying ‘Blusher’. Is it a Dub thing? I dunno.

    I need Plum foolery in my life btw.

    • Sinead K
      Sinead K
      October 1, 2015 at 10:11 am

      I actually thought about that when I was writing the post, but it will always be blusher to me. Oh and you really do need plum foolery

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