Mac Extra Dimension Blushers

When it comes to blushers, Mac is hands down my favourite brand. While I have other blushers that I like, I don’t think you can beat Mac when it comes to  longevity, colour payoff and shade section. The Extra Dimension blushers are the latest additions into the Mac blusher wardrobe. They had previously released this formula as part of limited edition collections before but finally they are no longer teasing us and they have given us 11 whopper shades to pick from.

There are so many things to love about these blushers. Mac claim that their Extra Dimension blushers are a type of hybrid blusher. They say that the blend like a liquid, have the finish smoothness of a cream and the finish of a powder. I don’t know if I would say all of this is true but what I will say is they are fast becoming a favourite of mine.

I found that the Extra Dimension blushers lasted really well on the cheeks and you can be sure that if you apply this in the morning you will still be wearing product at the end of the day. Not only that but the colour payoff is unreal! I would actually recommend going in with a light touch as there is a chance you could end up with Aunt Sally cheeks if you go in with too heavy a hand. Although they can be buffed out easily enough if you end up with a very strong colour on your cheeks.

The finish on these blushers is what really stands out for me. When I swatched them for the first time, there was a serious amount of shimmer in the swatch. I was afraid that this would transfer to the cheeks because although I love a highlighter glow, the last thing I want is shimmer on my cheeks showing off my pores even more. Thankfully what you swatch isn’t what you get and instead these blushers just give your cheeks the most insanely beautiful glow from within. There isn’t a hint of shimmer in site.

I bought two shade, although I had to restrain myself from buying more. The first shade is Faux sure. This looks quite dark in the pan but it is a beautiful soft coppery colour. I find that this gives the cheeks a beautifully warm tone to them and really warms up my face. I haven’t worn this as much as the other shade just yet, but only because I feel that this is more of an Autumn / winter shade.

The second shade I bought was fairly precious and I am obsessed with this. This is a champagne peach colour that gives your cheeks the most beautiful glow. This would actually be a great blusher for work because it gives the hint of colour but it doesn’t look like you’re obviously wearing something. However, you can layer up on product if you want to make it that little bit more obvious on the cheeks.

I can’t sing high enough praises for these blushers. The only down side for me is that they are a little on the expensive side and you can’t buy them in the pan as of yet. One blusher retails at €29 here or I bought mine in The Loop Duty Free for €24.65. You can buy it online with The Loop if you or someone you know is travelling though their click and collect service here. 

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    Siobhan Wyatt
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    Ah Fairly precious is amazing xx siobhan

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