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DSC_1187I am a massive fan of a pink lip. In fact the vast majority of my lipsticks are pink. I just can’t get enough of them, and when I saw this hot pink shade from Make Up For Ever, being used in a demonstration a few months back, I knew I couldn’t leave the shop without buying it.

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Aqua rouge is a liquid lipstick that is seriously long lasting, smudge proof and it doesn’t transfer onto your glass or food. I have actually never tried a lip product that lasts as long as this. I am talking, hours and hours of eating, talking and drinking and it will still look amazing on your lips. It is a double ended product, with one end housing the colour and the other end home to the clear gloss top coat.

To use Aqua rouge, you first apply the colour and let it set for around 60 seconds. It dries into the most gorgeous matte finish. Once it has dried, you add the gloss top coat to add a bit of moisture and shine. You can wear Aqua rouge matte on its own, but I think the gloss top coat helps to create a more perfect looking finish. It also makes it easier to wear, as while Aqua rouge is not drying on your lips, I much prefer the feel of a gloss finish on my lips. I find that the key to keeping Aqua rouge looking fresh on your lips all day, is topping up every so often with the gloss. While the colour actually doesn’t move from your lips and it doesn’t look dry or worn off when the gloss wears off, I think it looks fresher when the top coat is reapplied.

DSC_1198Aqua Rouge in number 16 is a seriously pigmented product. This is am eye popping pink and even though it is packed full of pigment, it doesn’t feather  into the fine lines around the lips. If you create a perfect lip when doing your makeup, you will still have that perfect shape hours later. Aqua Rouge in number 16, is the perfect pink for a statement lip in summer.

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When wearing any of the Aqua rouge colours, you need to make sure that this is the colour you actually want to wear, because once it is on your lips, there is literally no budging it. In fact, I had to wait for a day that I wanted a hot pink lip to take these pictures, as it is just far to hard to remove it. This to me is a good thing, as I know then that it will last all day and I don’t have to worry about constantly reapplying or checking in the mirror that it is not half way down my chin.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 14.20.34There are 17 shades to choose from in the Aqua rouge range. While I bought number 16, there are many more subtle colours. I think the Aqua Rouge lip products would be perfect for brides or anyone who needs their lipstick to last all day with no fuss. While they are on the ore expensive end at €25, I can honestly say it is worth it. If you want a highly pigmented, long lasting, no fuss lip product, then I promise you, you won’t be disappointed with the Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge.  You can pick up one here













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