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DSC_5179Do you see that little palette above? Well that ladies, that right there is heaven in a pan. These shadows have come into my life and made me swoon like a 16-year-old at a teenage disco. The Make Up For Ever artist shadows are everything I could want and more.

DSC_5183The Make Up For Ever Artist shadows come in 210 colours and 5 different finishes. diamond, iridescent, matte, metallic, and satin finishes. Yes ladies we are finally getting more than just a matte or shimmer finish. I have tested shadows in every finish except the iridescent finish, and I can hand on heart say that every shadow is incredibly pigmented, easy to work with and they blend so beautifully on the eye. These shadows are perfect for everyone from Pros to novices. In fact, as they are so easy to work with, they would be perfect for someone who doesn’t feel confidence in doing their eye makeup.

DSC_5223First up is the diamond finish. There were two diamond finish eyeshadow that I tried out. D- 716 otherwise known as Crystalline Papaya and D- 562 Taupe platinum. Crystalline Papaya is such a beautiful highlight colour. It is a sparkly, golden champagne colour, that is perfect for adding a pop of highlight onto the eye.  This colour is actually being used in my bridal makeup to highlight the inner corner of the eye It has excellent colour payoff and wears extremely well on my oily lids. Sometimes with more frosty colours like this there is fear of the colour transferring onto other areas of the eye. This is not the case with this colour as it just stays put.

DSC_5206Taupe Platinum is a as the name suggests a taupe brown colour. This shadow has serious colour pay off and works fantastically as a one colour eye look. It has a high frost finish to it and is so creamy that it blends beautifully on the eye. It wears well and didn’t crease on me or fade throughout the day.

I tried 3 different colours in the satin finish.  S 516 Sand. S 812 Tea pink and S 836 Pink ash. These shadows are a little difficult to explain because in the pan they look like they are going to be a little shimmer on they eye, but they are somewhere between a matte and a shimmer finish and are like butter going onto the eye. Honestly you can actually feel the creaminess of these shadows as you swatch them.

DSC_5249First up is S 516 sand. I have been using this colour as an all over the lid colour. While there is good colour pay off on this colour, I don’t find it as pigmented as the other colours and you do need to pack it on a little bit more. It is a warm beige colour and has a very smooth texture to it.

DSC_5213Tea Pink, otherwise known as S 812 is such a unique colour and I don’t have anything like it in my collection. As the name suggests this is a warm pink colour. It looks a little shimmery in the pan, but when applied to the eye it is such a warm pop of pink with not a hint of shimmer in sight.

DSC_5233Out of all the colours in my palette, S 836 Pink ash, is probably my least used shadow. Not because I don’t like it, but rather this is a more autumnal colour. It is a warm muted purple colour, that applies lighter on the eye than it looks in the pan. Like all the artist shadows, this colour is buildable and would be perfect for a smoked out purple eye.

The next finish I tried was the metallic finish and my god where these really something special. The colour pay off on these shadows is intense and seriously pop on the eye. I tried the colours ME – 728 copper red ME 828 Metallic Garnet, and ME – 614 Graphite brown.

DSC_5225Copper red is such a unique colour and beyond beautiful on blue eyes. It has a metallic finish that is almost wet looking on the eye. You can really pack this on for quite a vibrant colour, or wear it as a wash of lighter colour. It wears well throughout the day.

DSC_5216Metallic Garnet is a little on the dark side for me, as it is more of a cool tone brown. Like with all other shadows there is serious pay off and this would be great for a traditional smoky eye.

DSC_5198Graphite brown is another colour I haven’t reached for all that much, as it is a little darker than I would normally wear at this time of year. It is a little bit more of a cooler colour than the others in my palette . It is a black brown colour.

Without a shadow of a doubt the most used colours in my palette are the matte finish. I can’t get enough of these shadows. A number of these are being used for my bridal look as they are just so long wearing and are more than able to cope with my oily lids. Sometimes mattes are hard to blend, but these babies just do everything that you want them to do!! I tried the colours M-530 Eggshell, M- 704 Canyon, M- 558 dark Taupe and finally M- 656 Chestnut.

DSC_5237Eggshell is a matte beige colour with decent colour payoff. I tend to use this to prime my lid for other colours and then apply crystalline Papaya or sand on top. It isn’t really a stand our shadow but rather a work horse of a shadow, and will probably be the one that I hit pan on first.

DSC_5243Canyon is by far my most used shadow. I adore this colour and out of all the shadows that I have included in this post, if you’re a fan of warm colours then you absolutely need this colour in your life. It is just my kind of colour. It is a warm orangey brown colour, that has the most incredible colour payoff and don’t even get me started on how easy it is to work with. I can’t say enough good things about this shadow.

DSC_5204Dark Taupe is another colour that is on the colour side, but still something that is very wearable for warm toned lovers. This is a matte taupe as the name suggests and I like to use it for deepening out my crease.

DSC_5194My final colour is Chestnut and like Canyon this is another much loved colour of mine. I tend to use this to deepen out the crease when I use Canyon. It is such a beautifully warm brown colour and you only need the tiniest amount on your brush to get good colour payoff.

DSC_5175These palettes are all build them yourself. They come in 3 sizes, small medium and large. I have the medium size and the empty palette will set you back €15. Each individual eye shadow costs €15, but you get a serious amount of product for that, and it is money well spent in my opinion.  This is a palette that you will build up over time, and not fill all at once.

SWATCH 2 sWATCH 1I can’t say enough good things about these shadows. I am using these over all my other shadows at the moment and this palette is 100% coming with me on Honeymoon. I don’t think I can be parted from them.

You can buy these directly from Make Up For Ever by contacting them here, or in their store on Clarendon Street. In my opinion, it is really worth going in store and having a mooch about and making a list of the colours you want, that way you can order them over the phone or online when you need them. You can see a full overview off all the colours here.


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