Make Up For Ever Bronze Fusion Bronzer

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 00.50.31There has been a definite change in the makeup world over the past few months when it comes to contouring. Open any magazine, look to the catwalk or even check out your favourite Youtube makeup artists and you will see that there is an absolute change in the direction on how we contour our face. Gone are the days of the racing stipe down the side of our face. Instead we are being introduced to a natural bronzed contour and lots and lots of glowing natural skin.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 01.05.44
We have all fallen victim to the muddy streak of bronzer down the side of our face in the quest for the sculpted cheekbones of a Kardashian. Half the time I want to walk the streets of Dublin with a blending brush blending out the bad contour.  Now it is time to leave the heavily contoured look behind and instead embrace the more natural look and go for a warming of the skin, with a little bit of sculpting instead of the full on brown stripe.

When it comes to bronzers, there are quite a few on the market that tick all the right boxes. Nars Laguna and Mac Give me sun being some of my favourite. However, recently the Make up For Ever Bronze Fusion bronzer came into my life and it really is something special and quite different from anything I have tried.

DSC_6163Make Up For Ever are a brand that are always coming up with new and fancy formulas. With the new  Bronze Fusion bronzer they have created a light weight, gel-powder, waterproof formula that is available in two different finishes. Matte or iridescent. Each finish comes in 3 shades, with the lightest one said to suit light skin tones, the middle of the three is said to suit medium skin tones and surprise, surprise, the darkest is said to suit tan skin tones. Initially I was torn between the lightest and the medium shade, but when I tested it on my face, the medium was far too dark for me. The lightest colour, Soft Iridescent Amber, is such a beautiful shade for Irish skin and gives the skin a beautifully natural warmth.

DSC_6165I decided to go with the iridescent finish, as it gives your skin more of a glow. Don’t worry, it isn’t shimmery, but instead it is along the lines of the Hourglass ambient lighting powders, and it just gives your skin that glow from within look. I actually really like the finish to this bronzer, as I feel not only does it warm up the skin, but it gives such a beautiful glow too. It really is unlike any bronzer I have tried before.  While the matte shades are also lovely, I personally preferred the glow that the iridescent finish gave the skin.

DSC_6179If you are a fan of full on pigmentation at first swatch, then this is not going to be the bronzer for you. The MUFE Bronze Fusion is designed as a buildable bronzer. This gives much more of a natural finish. Far too often I have picked up bronzers that I have to blend into a more natural finish because the colour applies too strongly. I am actually quite taken with how this bronzer builds on the skin. However, the brush you use to apply the bronzer is extremely important. Make Up For Ever have designed a specific Kabuki brush to apply the bronzer with. However, at €36 a pop I wasn’t willing to fork over the readies and intend went hunting through my brush collection to find a suitable brush.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 00.57.43To get the most from the Bronze Fusion, you need to apply it using a very dense brush. I am currently using the Nima Wendy brush and find that it does a fantastic job, but I have a feeling that my Wendy brush is different in size and density to the Wendy brush Nima is selling now. ( I got a press sample before they were released). To find out the best way to apply the Bronze Fusion, check out this video.
When it comes to lasting power, Bronze Fusion really holds up well. I find that even in the humidity it lasts very well on the skin with minimal breakdown as the day progresses.
Overall, I really have fallen hard for this bronzer. I adore the natural finish. The warmth and glow it gives to the skin really is everything and 100% on trend. Himself keeps giving out to me for looking in the mirror when I wear this with my  my Jaclyn Hill Champagne pop highlighter, but together they are really something!!

Ok like with anything worth having, there is a downside and with Bronze Fusion the only downside is the price. It is seriously saucy at €35, but in my opinion it is so worth it. The shade, finish and glow are worth every single cent of that €35! You can buy Bronze Fusion from the Makeup For Ever store on Clarendon street. It currently isn’t available on their website, but if you call them they will happily post it to any part of the country.


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    August 5, 2015 at 2:08 pm

    This looks beautiful! I’m seriously tempted – not that I need another bronzer! xx


  • Reply
    Emma Buttimer
    August 5, 2015 at 3:37 pm

    This looks gorgeous,I love the way you described it,my bank account however might not!I’m hoping to take a trip up on the train to Dublin from Cork for the sole purpose to visit the MUFE store.I’ve heard such good things about it and their HD foundation sounds amazing!I wanted to get it as a treat for my brother-in-law’s wedding in September,do you think it’s worth it?So gutted there isn’t a store in Cork.

    • Sinead K
      Sinead K
      August 6, 2015 at 3:42 am

      it is such a beautiful foundation, but like with any foundation it all depends on your skin type. I;m a huge MUFE fan

  • Reply
    Sharon Leavy
    August 6, 2015 at 7:24 am

    It looks lovely, similar in colour to the MAC Delicates powder from the Wash & Dry range which I love! Give Me Sun is orange on me the past few weeks, amazing colour-changing Irish skin, eh?

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