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This is a sponsored post with MAM baby. Although this is sponsored all views are 100% my own and are in no way tainted. 

A few months ago I received a range of products from MAM baby to try out with my little boy. Like most babies he knowns his own mind and is very quick to push something aside when he doesn’t like it. He is far more ruthless at reviewing products that I am!! Together we have really put these products through their paces.

As we were already bottle feeding when the products arrived, most of the products we have tried out are gear towards that. However, Mam also offer stuff for breast-feeding moms, including nipple shields that you can find here and a breast-feeding starter kit which you can find here.

Mam Trainer Bottle

Mam Trainer BottleI can not tell you how invaluable this bottle is! Weaning a baby from his bottle onto a sippy cup can be hard work. When I was weaning Conor I found that the traditional hard spout cups were a disaster. He point-blank refused to take them, as they were so different to his own milk bottle.  However, the minute I gave him the MAM trainer bottle to drink from, it took to it instantly.

There are so many positives to this bottle. Firstly the spout is a soft similar material to his bottle, so it wasn’t a complete shock to him when he put it in his mouth. MAM claim that the design is also good for those weaning from the breast to a sippy cup too.

Mam Trainer BottleSecondly the design of the handle on the bottle meant that no matter what way I put the lid on the bottle I could move the handle so that the handle and the spout were lined up for him when he went to take a swig.

Finally, there was no spills. A few times the lid fell off in the baby bag because I hadn’t put it on properly and there wasn’t a drop spilled. He could swing the bottle all around and nothing would come out.

I honestly can’t recommend these trainer bottle highly enough. I found that although I helped him at the beginning holding the cup, he gained independence with his drinking very quickly . We loved them so much I went out and bought three more myself. They can be a little hard to come by in shops but I have seen some of the larger Boots and Tescos stock them, as well as some pharmacies. You can buy it from Boots online here for €6.99

Milk Powder Box

MAM Milk Powder BoxA milk powder box is something that you can pick up in most chemists or even in lidl or aldi. I have tried a number of them with mixed levels of success. However, once I started using the MAM milk powder box, I genuinely  didn’t use the others again.

While it isn’t revolutionary in design, what I liked about it was how slimline it was. It took up every little space in the baby bag compared to some of the others that I had tried. On top of that, the lid didn’t come off in the bag, nor did the spouts open. I know this might seem like a very basic thing, but you would be surprised the amount of times this happened to me with some other models.

It is worth nothing that the powder box has three sections that can hold up to 9 scoops each. If you’re bottle feeding I highly recommend filling these each evening before you go to bed. That way when the baby wakes in the middle of the night, you don’t have to count out scoops in your sleep deprived state and instead you just need to empty a section into the bottle. You can buy the powder box here for €7.99


MAM SoothersAs Conor wasn’t a soother baby, I actually asked the readers of The Beautiful Truth how they found these soothers and going by what they said it wasn’t hard to see why MAM have won awards for them. Again and again people raved about them to me. They loved that they were glow in the dark, they had silk eat and the box they came in was a steriliser box too so it meant you didn’t have to go buy a separate accessory to sterilise them in.

One women told me the story of her premature twins who were born 5 weeks early. She said that their suck hadn’t developed properly so the nurse told her to try them with a soother. She tried other brands but they were too big but she found that the MAM newborn soothers were tiny enough for the premature babies to suck on.

If you’re thinking of having some soothers ready for when your baby comes, while I can’t say how good or bad they are myself, the readers of The Beautiful Truth have sung very high praise for them indeed!  You can buy two for €6.99 here.

MAM milk bottles

MAM milk bottlesThe first time I saw these bottles I rang my husband and said ” oh my god there are bottles that are self sterilizing. Why did nobody tell me about this?” As we have travelled a fair bit around Ireland with Conor, our car was always packed full of bits and pieces that you need for a baby. The steriliser was the one thing that took up a decent amount of room. We actually ended up buying a spare one for both grand parents house so that we didn’t have to bring our one with us when we stayed over. In other words, a separate steriliser is a pain!!

How the Ma milk bottles work is by removing the bottom of the bottle, placing a certain amount of water in it, loosely placing everything on top and then sticking it in the microwave for 3 minutes. For every additional bottle you add 1 minute onto the time. As someone who often got stuck for a bottle, this to me is a god send. 3 minutes and your bottle will be ready!

Another plus is that all the bottles are anti colic bottles. Again when I was pregnant I didn’t have the foresight to buy anti colic bottles, as if I am honest I just didn’t know. But whether your baby is has colic or not, at least you don’t have to worry about the bottles.

For anyone who was breast-feeding and weaning onto a bottles, the teat are designed so that there is an easier transition from breast to bottle.

You can buy MAM products from many pharmacies or online  Boots here.

This is a sponsored post with MAM baby. Although this is sponsored all views are 100% my own and are in no way tainted. 

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