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 Hi everyone,

 Thanks for clicking on my blog. My name is Sinéad and I am from Dublin. I work in education to fund my makeup and   clothes addiction. You might say I am a budding makeup artist with a work problem. 

 I started The Beautiful Truth in October 2013 after a year when news of bad health shook me to the core, and made me   sit up and reevaluate my life. I thought that out of something bad, must come something new. 

 I called my blog The Beautiful Truth because,  while I love reading beauty blogs,  I often wonder how some bloggers really feel about products they are reviewing. As my friends would say I am honest to a fault. If I say I like something you can be sure that I am being 100% truthful and honest. I will always tell you The Beautiful truth.
Disclaimer: I have no beauty training . Everything I write about is from my own day to day experience and all opinions expressed here are my own

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