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The Loop Duty free MacBuying makeup in the duty-free doesn’t count as spending! Or at least that is what I always tell myself. I tend to buy my makeup either online, or when someone is travelling through the duty-free, as it makes sense because it is cheaper. When going on holidays recently, I had planned on having a leisurely browse around duty-free and pick myself up a few items that I didn’t already have. I actually love doing this and genuinely look forward to getting to the airport so I can have a mooch.  However, I had a two-year old with me! Conor decided that Dublin Airport Duty Free was where he would become the next Desi Perkins and while I tried to shop, he put every single bit of makeup he could get his hands on onto his face!! As a result I panic bought!! Rookie mistake!

As a rule of thumb, I normally search The Loop website before I travel, to have an idea in my head of what I want to buy. Depending on where you’re travelling it is worth comparing the prices on The Loop website with either high street prices in Ireland or to that of where you’re travelling. A lot of times people think buying in the likes of the States is going to be cheaper but that is not always the case due to exchange rates! Doing your beauty shopping homework is a must to get the best bargains!

I do however, always buy Mac when I come through Dublin airport as for the most part it is cheaper here.

Mac Extra Dimension Blush – Sweets for my Sweet

Mac Sweets for my sweetThe Mac Extra Dimension blushers are hands down my favourite blusher formula! I adore these and now own 5 of them. All of which have been bought in The Loop as it makes the price a little more palatable because these babies are not cheap!! The Mac Extra Dimension blushers retail at €29 on a Mac counter but I paid €24.65 for each of these in The Loop.

Mac sweets for my sweetThe shade I bought on this trip was Sweets for my Sweet. This is a mid toned pink and while it looks mega watt pink in the pan, on the cheek it just gives a beautiful flush of colour. That is the thing with the Extra Dimension blushers, while pigmented, the colour is very buildable. You can go in for a little wash of colour or you can build to full on aunt Sally if you so wish! These blushers are also all about the glow. Not in a glitter ball type of way but rather they just give you a subtle glow! Almost that glow from within look. I honest to god can’t recommend these blushers enough. You can read a full blog post of the first two that I purchased here.

Mac Prep n Prime Highlighter Pen – Lightboost

Mac Prep n prime light boostThis is another Mac product that I have worn for years. The Mac Prep N Prime Highlighter pen is the perfect product for concealing but also brightening the under eye area. The Prep + primer highlighter is part of Mac’s permanent collection and comes in 4 different shades. Bright Forecast, which is a peachy colour , Radiant rose, which is a light pink colour, Peach lustre which is a slightly orange shade, but perfect for highlighting darker skin tones and finally Light Boost which is a soft yellow colour.

I apply this in a triangle underneath my eye and then with either a sponge or with my Nima Grace brush, I blend it in. I find that the shade of this concealer /highlighter pen, helps cancel out the darkness while at the same time concealing and making the under eye area brighter.

At my age I am also worried about products settling in fine lines but I don’t find that this happens with this pen. This is one I have repurchased several times, as it is a staple in my makeup collection.  You can read a full review of the Prep+ Prime pens here. 

To buy this on a Mac counter it would cost €25 but in The Loop it costs €21.25

Clarins Instant Concealer

Clarins instant concealerAnyone following my blog any length of time will know my absolute love and adoration for this concealer. This to me is hands down one of the top 3 concealers on the Market! It is a must for anyone suffering with dark circles. The Clarins Instant concealer promises to revive, conceal and smooth the under eye area. It contains some caffeine extracts which helps to stimulate the under eye area and reduce toxins and puffiness while at the same time making the eye area look a little more alert. Sometimes brands promises are all just a little bit of PR jargon but in the case of these concealer it delivers everything it says and more!

The Clarins Instant concealer is water based and infused with aloe vera, it really is beautifully creamy and light on the skin and really lovely to apply. You only need the smallest amount to get a good level of coverage and as a result this little tube will last you ages!! The light weight and yet creamy consistency of the concealer means that it doesn’t settle in fine lines, but I do find that I need to set it with a powder to stop it from moving on me throughout the day.

Coverage wise, the Clarins Instant concealer is a medium coverage. I find that this, paired with the Maybelline Dark Circle Eraser, totally block out my dark circles. I honestly believe that everyone should have both of those in their life. Especially if they have dark circles.

To buy this on the high Street it will set you back €26 but in The Loop I paid €22.

Dior Pump n Volume Mascara

Dior puma n volume

So this was a total impulse buy! I had heard a few people talk about this mascara and say how much they love it but I had always been put off buying it because of the price. It costs a whopping €35 on the high street. I’ve always been an advocate that mascara is one of those products that you can get a really good product for a budget price, but lately I have found myself inching towards more expensive mascaras. However, this is one mascara I can’t make my mind up if the price is justified or not!

I am in two minds if I like this or not. You see, this mascara has a tendency to go quite clumpy! It takes time to apply it because a quick brush on the lashes will leave it very product heavy. When I take my time with it it does give length and volume. It doesn’t smudge on me but it can crumble after a few hours.

I really am not selling this well but it does seem to be a bit or a marmite product. Some people love it and others throughly hate it. At the moment on am fully sitting on the fence and it depends on what day you get me how I might feel about it.

Mascara and Mac blusher

I can’t find the exact price I paid for it in the Duty Free, as they don’t stock Dior on their online store but I think it was around the €28 mark, so it was considerably cheaper than on the highstreet!


I received a €100 voucher from The Loop but I was not required to do a blog post of give coverage. However I want to show the few items I bought and the savings that could be made.


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