Nima Brush Elite Face Detail Set

dsc_0747Hot on the heels of the new Artist collection releases, Nima Brush have come out with the brand new brush collection for makeup brush lovers like myself. The Elite face detail set is a five piece face set that covers all your brush needs for your face. All the brushes are made with Taklon, non porous synthetic fibres, which means that they can all be used for both liquid and powder products.

While some of the brushes in this set can be bought individually, the complete set of 5 brushes will set you back €65, but if you keep an eye out, Nima brush often offer discount codes on their Facebook page here.

dsc_0737Readers of The Beautiful Truth will have heard me mention Nima brush again and again. The reason for this being that I simply adore this brush brand. Yes, there are some brushes that I prefer over others, but on a whole, Nima brush really is a fantastic little company and in my eyes any beauty lover needs to have a few Nima brushes in their collection.

I think that it is worth nothing before I go into the details of each brush,  that while private labelling is common in the beauty world, especially when it comes to brushes, Nima Brush are in fact created by the Nima Brush owner Niamh herself. When I asked her about how the brushes were made, she told me that she met with the designers in Italy, came up with the design of each brush with them and then got them manufactured in Korea.

Round Head Kabuki

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-21-11-54Let me start with one of my all time favourite brushes. The round head kabuki brush. You will have seen me use this again and again on Youtube or snapchat.  This brush is fantastic for buffing foundation into the skin to give a fuller coverage. I love how quickly it buffs and stipples the foundation on my skin and yet doesn’t rapidly absorb the foundation into the bristles. This can not only be used for liquid products but with powder too. This brush can be bought as part of the collection or as an individual brush for €18 here.

Large Tapered Kabuki

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-21-09-26The large tapered kabuki is a right little multi tasking brush. It can be used to apply foundation, powder, blusher, or highlighter. My favourite way to use this brush is for apply my finishing powder over my foundation. I find that it really presses the powder into the skin and stops it looking heavy or cakey. The bristles are incredibly soft, yet dense enough that you can press product into the skin. I have reached for this brush again and again over the past few months I have been trailing this set.

Angled Kabuki

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-21-11-01The angled kabuki brush can be used to apply blusher, bronzer or to help contour out the cheeks. The bristles are soft and move well for softly applying powder products to the cheeks, yet they are dense enough that if you want to use liquid products then can push them into the skin. Out of all the brushes in the set, this is probably my least used one. Not for any reason other than I prefer a different type of brush for applying blusher. That and after a few weeks of use, my mother stole it on me and due to the fact she adores it, I can’t get it back!!

Flat Head Kabuki

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-12-47-32This brush is another that has wormed it’s way into my heart. This is smaller than other kabuki brushes that I own, but it is  so good for not only buffing foundation in but I love it for applying liquid highlighter too. The hairs on this brush are densely packed so that you can push product into you skin, yet at the same time they have enough movement in them that the brush is incredibly easy to work with. My mam has one of these too and adores it. This brush can be bought as part of a set or individually for €18

Precision Kabuki

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-21-25-17Oh this little brush is just unreal! This along with the round head kabuki are my absolute favourites and ones I use every single day. This tapered brush can be used to apply both cream and powder products to the smaller areas of the face. I absolultey love to use this to apply my concealer, as like with most Nima brushes, it has the perfect level of density that it pushes the concealer into my under eye area to give a great level of coverage and help eliminate my dark circles.

You can buy the full set from the Nima Brush site here.


*This product was gifted to me for my consideration. 


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