November’s GlossyBox

It seems like only last week that I was reviewing my October GlossyBox. Seriously where is the time going? October’s GlossyBox was a bit of a disappointment to many people. It’s not like every box can be a wow box, but we do expect a little bit more than what we got last October. Thankfully the people over at GlossyBox upped their game a little more this month.

The theme of this months GlossyBox was “The Glossy Wishlist”. The Glossy wishlist gives people a chance to start compiling their Christmas list. While the items in the box would not be something that I would want for Christmas, there are many things on the GlossyBox Pinterest wishlist page, that will absolutely end up on my list.

Speaking of Christmas, a GlossyBox subscription would be a great Christmas gift. I know if I wasn’t already subscribed, this would be something that I would love to receive. You can purchase subscriptions of various lengths and even on a month to month subscription. You can order a box here.

Vichy Idealia Life Serum

I have actually had my eye on this stuff for a little while now. I had read a little bit about this product online and I was intrigued. What stopped me buying it was I got wind that it might be in this months box and I wanted to wait just incase. This is Vichy’s first skin idealiser. What is that I hear your ask? Well Vichy Idealia Life serum promises to help transform the appearance of skin’s quality and help protect your skin from the visible effects of stress, pollution, smoke and an unbalanced diet. Exactly what I need right now. I am actually a little bit excited to try this stuff out. A full 30ml retails for €34.50 and can be bought here.  The value of the sample I got is about €10.35

Scholl Dry skin Exfoliator skin care

Ok lets face it, this one isn’t a glamorous item, but it is something I am definitely going to use.I t is said to remove rough, hard skin and help with natural cell renewal. Lovely! Well if it works I don’t mind how gross it sounds. This is a full size product and retails for €6.99
Emite Make up Micronized Eyeshadow – Dams

I have actually never heard of this brand of makeup but this eyeshadow is seriously pigmented. It actually is very like Urban decay Blackout. This eyeshadow is free from oil, nickel, parabens and perfume. It is said to be ideal for contact lens wearers. This is a full size product and it is expensive as it retails for £16.80.

Yves Rocher Hand cream

This smells amazing. It smells so good you would nearly want to eat it. I have been using it the last few days and it is really nice on my hands. It dries very quick and leaves your hands very moisturised.  If you see this knocking about the shops pick it up and have it in your handbag for the cold days ahead. It retails for €2.50
B. Smokey Soft Blendable Kohl eyeliner
This is a lovely chocolate brown eyeliner. It is really soft and blends easy. It even has a little smudger at the end which is great, as you don’t have to go looking for a brush. It can be used as an eyeliner, eyeshadow or even you like a really bold brow, as a brow pencil. It retails at £4.49.
Over all I would say that this was a good value box. I paid €15 and the products were valued at a lot more than that. I am actually really excited for my Christmas GlossyBox. I have a feeling it is going to be on of those WOW boxes.


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