October Glossybox. Contains Spoilers

For those of you that have never heard of GlossyBox, basically it is a monthly beauty subscription. For £10 a months plus postage  (works out about €15) you get 5 beauty treats. There is normally 1 or 2 full size items and then 3 travel size. You can order it on a rolling subscription or pay for a few months up front. It is my little surprise to myself every month. Sure if I don’t treat myself and all that.

Septembers GlossyBox

Septembers GlossyBox was my first ever beauty subscription box and to say I was delighted would be an understatement. The products were unreal. I actually gasped when I opened the box. Full size HD Brows bronzer, eyelure eyelashes, full size Tony and Guy hair serum, a full size eyeliner pen,and Nipple balm ( to my embarrassment I found out this is actually for your lips!!) So with such an amazing box I decided to keep up my subscription. Hmmmmm.

Octobers Glossybox was supposed to have the theme of Dark Romance. I thought there would be a lovely berry lipstick and maybe a nail varnish. No. What I got instead was pure and utter rubbish.

Octobers box contents
MeMeMe Cherub blush- Cheek and lip tint
So this is a tint for both your lips and your cheeks. It is almost exactly the same as Benefits Benetint, which I used years ago and it was never something I loved. This is the only full sized product I received.
Premae Multi- Vit Smoothie Serum
This is suppose to be amazing for combination skin and help get rid of redness and hydrate skin. I might use this when traveling so that I don’t have to bring larger products.
Monu Illuminating Primer
 Again this is a travel size product. It will be good to try a new primer as my Smashbox photo finish primer has nearly run out. This primer promises to give an illuminating finish to your foundation.
Vita Liberata Latte Illuminating Skin Finish
I am so not impressed with this in the box. Little packets like this are free in magazines and on beauty counters. Not what I expect in my luxury beauty box. I don’t think I will be using this at all.
Unica Kiss It Better Cream
Another product that left me so not bothered. It leaked in the box and had black fuzz stuck all over it when I opened the box. This is a tiny sample of a moisturising butter for very sensitive and eczema prone skin.
If this was my first GlossyBox I probably would have cancelled my subscription. Thank god last months box was so good because now I know GlossyBox has potential. The Dark Romance theme fell flat on it’s face as the only thing that fit into this theme was the Cheek and Lip stain. Hopefully next months box will be better.

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