Out of something bad, must come something good

Hi All,

So, why another beauty blog you ask. Seriously, is the internet not already full of beauty blogs? How many times can we read about the latest mascara launch, face cream or long lasting lipstick?

I have always been a makeup fiend. For as long as I can remember, I have loved nothing more than spending time roaming the aisles of Boots or arriving hours early before a flight at the airport so I can grab a beauty bargain in the duty free. I love nothing more than lying in bed every night reading beauty blogs or watching youtube tutorials and hauls. Beauty blogs are always my go to source before I spend big money on a foundation, blusher etc etc . I never saw myself actually writing a blog but then something life changing happened earlier this year to make me rethink things. I got cancer.

 Cancer is never something anyone imagines they will get. Yes, we all know someone who has had cancer but we always think “ah, sure it will never happen to me.”  I was 31. I had plans. I had things that needed to be done but I had cancer. While my cancer was curable, as we had caught it early, I was still shook to the core. I couldn’t believe what my doctor was telling me. I thought I had a swollen gland from too many nights out on the trot. How could this lump be something so sinister? Yet, when something like this happens, the fight or flight mentality kicks in. You get a strength from somewhere, God only knows where, that helps you get through the operations, doctors appointments and low days.  As a result of this I have decided that it’s about time I get up off my lazy backside and do things that I have always wanted to do; a bucket list of sorts. Writing a beauty blog is something on my list that I am ready to dive into.

I promise to make my blogging journey not just another beauty blog. You won’t see me posting 50 million different photos of me in my OOTD or harping on about the same  amazing product as everybody else. I will make this blog a little bit of me, a lot of fact and all of the truth. 

I hope you will all stick with me as I make my way in the daunting world of Beauty Blogging.

S xxxx

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