Roger & Gallet Fleur De Figuier Ultra Nourishing Oil

DSC_1762Over the last few days my friends and family have thought I lost my mind on a number of occasions, as they have found me sniffing myself. Sounds completely gross, but if you could smell how good the latest offering from Roger & Gallet is, you would understand why I just can’t get enough of this smell. It is seriously gorgeous.

The Ultra nourishing oil is the latest addition to the Fleur De Figuier range. It has a beautiful summery, fresh, fruity floral smell. The smell is so girly and subtle and the smell lasts all day. It can be a little strong when you first apply it, but within about 30 minutes, it settles into such a yummy scent. Genuinely it is the type of smell you want to eat.

This oil is perfect for those of us that suffer from dry skin on our bodies. Now I am not overly dry, but the elbows, knees and heels always seem to be parched for some moisture. The Ultra nourishing formula will help moisten up your dry areas, while at the same time leave you smelling delicious.

DSC_1767I normally don’t like oils as I find they can be very greasy, but this absorbed into your skin and leaves you without the greasy feeling. To get rid of the excess on my hands. I run in thourgh the ends of my hair. Yes you heard me, my hair. This mulit tasking product can be used in your hair too. it is best advice to either rub the excess into you hair, or place a little bit on your brush and run it though the hair. I prefer to put a tiny amount of product in my hands, rub my hands together and then gently run it though my hair. Like with all oils I tend to avoid the roots and just focus on the mid to end of the hair.

Once applied, this really leaves your skin not only smelly yummy, but feeling nourished and  looking smooth and silky. Just what you need when you have limbs on show during the hot hot weather.

It is hard telling you about something that has a beautiful smell, as you can’t see smell it ourself, but honestly this stuff is delicious. Get yourself down to your local stockists and have a sniff, I promise you will love it. You can buy it in selected pharmacies and Marks and Spencer beauty hall for €26.95

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    June 19, 2014 at 8:12 pm

    This looks amazing, I’m definitely going to try it! ~ Claire

    My Summer Essentials Competition!

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