September Favourites

DSC_1356September has been a bit of a weird month. I am back in work, so late nights and early morning have played havoc on my skin. My skin is a little lack lustre and tired looking. This month I also had two horrendous allergic reactions, that left my skin covered in little blisters , my under eye area sore and dry, and my whole face was left with dry patches. My whole makeup routine had to change, as my usual products  just weren’t working for me and left me looking like horrendous. As a result there are lots of new products in my favourites this month.

La Roche Posay – Toleraine Ultra

DSC_1375You all know I am a massive fan of La Roche Posay. I have yet to try a bad product from this brand. Not only are they great for the skin, but they are serious miracle workers. From the minute I started using this, it took the pain and stinging away from my under eye area and within two days of starting to use the Toleriane Ultra, the allergic reaction under my eyes had disappeared. I will do a full blog post on this, but needless to say I if you ever have a sore under eye area, or even on your face get and you will be sorted in no time.

Philosophy Micro Delivery Peel

DSC_1362Everyone needs a break in case of emergency skin care products and for me it is the Micro delivery peel. Once my skin was clear of the allergic reaction, I was left with a lot of dry patches. The Microdelivery peel is a two step home peel that is said to resurfaces and rejuvenates sun-damaged, hyperpigmented and ageing skin. a tall order for an exfoliator., but one it fulfils in bucketful’s. Step one, involves applying the yellow coloured vitamin c / peptide crystals to the face, while avoiding the eye area. This stuff has a slightly citrusy smell to it, but nothing that is over powering. You apply a teaspoon amount to dry, clean skin and massage it gently into the skin for around 60 seconds.Step two involves the lactic/ salicylic acid reactivating gel.When the gel meets the crystals there is a warm feeling on the skin. Again you need to massage this foam gently into the skin. Once washed off it leaves your skin looking brighter and feeling much smoother. You can read a full review here

Mac Face and body

DSC_1382As my skin was on the very dry side this month, I needed a foundation that wasn’t going to cling to my dry areas. Mac face and body is perfect for really dry skin. It takes a bit of work to buff it into the skin, but when it does, it really leaves the skin looking flawless. I found that it didn’t cling to my dry areas, but instead smoothed over them. However, once my skin had cleared up, this didn’t suit me as well as it doesn’t have the staying power on normal or oily skin, that it does on dry skin. If you find that you have dry skin, go into Mac and ask for a sample.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Tan

DSC_1386I actually can’t believe that I have this in my favourites this month, as for years I avoided Sun Shimmer like the plague. I used to wear this as a teenager, and every time it rained there would be tan running down my legs. Well not anymore. The new formula Sun Shimmer, is seriously brilliant and I have found myself reaching for it over and over again throughout the last few months. It applies like the old Sun Shimmer, but it sets much differently. This leaves you with a beautiful natural looking tan, rather than a streaky wash on wash off tan. Yes, you do look like you have a great tan, but it certainly doesn’t leave you looking tangoed. As for the rain, well there is no need to worry anymore as this works just like Sally Hansen in the rain. If you are looking for a quick instant tan, I can’t recommend this highly enough.

Makeup Geek pigment – Afterglow

DSC_1391I have to apologise for the amount I have been glowing over Makeup Geek products, but honestly Makeup Geek seriously rocks. I bought the Afterglow pigment when I was buying a few eyeshadows. I love neutral coloured pigments to add a bit of a pop to my eyeshadow and Afterglow as certainly not let me down in this department. afterglow is an exact dupe for the Mac Vanilla pigment and at a fraction of the price. It is a light champagne colour and when applied over a cream colour, it really makes the eyes pop. It has a beautiful shimmer to it, without any chunks of glitter that some pigments can have. A Makeup geek pigment costs €5.50 compared to €24.50 for the mac pigment. I will be doing a full post on Makeup Geek on Wednesday, but honestly, you need  as many of these as you can afford in your life.

Bielenda Argan Oil

DSC_1379You know how I love a good multi tasking product, and this argan oil from Bielenda is certainly one. It can be used on your hair, face and body to help restore a healthy glow of your skin, while conditioning your body and hair. I have been using this quite a bit on the ends of my hair. I find that the ends of my hair can be quite dry and sometimes the extensions need a little bit of something. By rubbing a little bit of this through the ends of the hair, is smooths out the hair and gives it some life again.I then rub any excess onto my arms, to give them a bit of moisture.   You can buy it here for €6.09.

Hourglass Ambient lighting powder – Dim light


DSC_1393If I had a euro for every time I mentioned these powders, I would have a lot of money. You know I can’t get enough of them, but this month I decided to break away from my usual diffused light and break out the dim light powder. Dim light differs from diffused light, as it has a tiny bit of  a bronze colour to it. As a result, it adds a little more life to your face, while at the same time, setting you makeup. You can read a full review of the Ambient lighting powders here


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    September 30, 2014 at 8:13 am

    I must have a look at Sunshimmer, I don’t think I’ve picked a tube up in the last 10 years! The Makeup Geek pigments sound fantastic, looking forward to your review!

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