Skin Republic Face masks – My top picks

While this is a sponsored post with Skin Republic, that in no way influences my opinion on the products. Having used some of these masks for a good while now I was delighted to collaborate with them to tell you all about what they have to offer.


2017/2018 really saw the sheet mask have it’s time in the spotlight. With so many on the market it can be hard to figure out what  face masks your skin will benefit from. For today’s post I have teamed up with Skin Republic to showcase a number of their masks that I have trialed over the last number of weeks and some I have used for a year or so already!

The job of a sheet mask is to help nourish your skin. These face shaped sheets are soaked with concentrated serums that are packed full of benefits for your skin. The reason sheet masks work is the sheet stops the product evaporating from your skin and helps the serums to penetrate into the skin a little deeper than if just applied topically.

I am a big fan of a sheet mask, but I don’t always get the time to do them. So while trialing the Skin Republic masks out, I tried them in a few different conditions too, to see if they could be used while multitasking. Most of my masking gets done in bed just before I go to sleep!!

To help you pick out a mask to suit your skin needs, I have separated them into categories to make it easier for you to see exactly what one will suit you.

Dry and dehydrated skin

When it comes to knowing what skin type we are, I find that when you touch your skin in the morning you will get a fairly good indication of if it is dry or oily. Oily skin will feel greasy or oily to the touch where as dry skin will feel tight and dry. Those of you with combination skin probably have a mix of both with an oily t zone and the rest dry.

Dehydrated skin is caused by external factors rather than our skin type. For example, the whether, central heating, diet and alcohol can all leave our skin feeling dehydrated. It can look dull, fell itchy and tight, have flakey sections and can see in increase in fine lines and wrinkles! Good thing with dehydrated skin, is it can be fixed and sheet masks are a brilliant way to do that.

Hyaluronic acid + collagen

Hyaluronic acid is one of those ingredients that is fantastic for helping dehydrated skin. It helps the skin to retain up to 1000 times it’s weight in water and therefore with regular use of a good hyaluronic sheet mask like this one, you can see a great improvement in the hydration levels of your skin.

This is the Skin republic sheet mask that I have used the most. It is the mask that first introduced me to the range a good while ago. This is a super pick me up for tired and dehydrated skin. I found that there was a super amount of serum on the mask that once I removed the sheet, I massaged the remaining serum into my skin and down my neck.

The inclusion of collagen is like a super food for your skin. Collagen is going to help leave the skin looking a little plumper, firmer and over time it will help with elasticity .

I found that this mask was super as a pick me up for my skin when it was looking dull. It gave my skin back some hydration and it 100% looked plumper. It isn’t a miracle worker but as a quick fix I found this great. This mask costs €6.95 and you can buy it here.

Youth foil

Just like with the hyalorunic acid and collagen mask, the youth foil is super for dehydration. However, there are a few differences with the youth foil ask. Firstly it comes in two parts. The tops and the bottom are separate which I find makes it easier to place properly. Secondly there is a double dose of hyaluronic acid. This means more product to help tackle dehydration. Finally the foil mask. It is said that a foil backed mask will help lock in the products into the skin more and stop it evaporating.

I found that this mask had a serious amount of product. More so than any of the other Skin Republic Masks that I tried. It left my skin feeling really soft, hydrated and it did look plumper for a few days after.

This one is a little bit more expensive at €10.50 but that is because of the extra ingredients. You can buy it here.

Dark Circles and pigmentation

I am someone who suffer with desperate dark circles and I also have pigmentation. I suffer with a type of pigmentation called Melasma. This is a type of skin condition that causes dark, discoloured patches on the skin. There is no real getting rid of it but at the moment I am trying to keep it under control. Using products targeted for pigmentation helps with this.

As well as my day to day skin care, I also use masks and treatments  to help with pigmentation. Nothing will get rid of it but I can help make my skin look brighter and stop it developing further.

Brightening Vitamin C 

Ok I am just going to start by saying I love this mask! This is a mask that 100% does exactly what it says on the tin and more! Out of all the Skin Republic masks this is my favourite and one I will repurchase again and again.

This mask is fantastic for brightening up the skin. I actually use this one before I go to bed some nights and the glow on my skin the following morning is unreal! I love how my makeup sits after using this too. I’m not sure if it helps improve the ages spots but it 100% brightens the skin and leaves it beautifully hydrated.

For those of you that follow my Instagram stories, this was the mask I used while blow drying my hair! It stayed on the whole time!!

You can buy it here for €6.95 and this one comes with a huge seal of approval from me.

Collagen Hydrogel under eye patch

These are under eye masks rather than a full face mask. With three sets in the packet, there is a good course of treatments to help you sort out your under eye area.

Containing green tea to help with puffiness and bringing down any swelling, I found these very good for making my eyes look alive and not as puffy! The aleo vera is included to help with any dryness and also combat wrinkles. The eye patches also contain vitamin a and e. Vitamin A is the main ingredient you want for anti ageing. The inclusion of both of these will help with  the apperance of fine lines. They will help improve elasticity and firmness and also puffiness, dark circles and dryness.

Personally I can’t say they helped with my dark circles, but they 100% helped depuff my under eye area and made them look more awake! I would be inclined to keep using them as the little bit of use saw a difference that I imagine continued use will 100% reap rewards!!

You can buy them here for €9.55.

Acne Prone skin

As my skin has been behaving itself and it nice and clear for once, I didn’t get a chance to crack out all of the masks for acne prone skin. I didn’t want to use them all as I am a firm believer that you use the mask that is targeted to your skin.

Spots and blemish Anti spot and pore refining

When looking for a treatment for spots, always look for something with the inclusion of salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a super ingredients for helping dry out spots, reduce pores and help with the reduction of oil production. If you are not oily, it can dry out your skin a little, so make sure to only use this mask when you’re in need.

Witch Hazel is also another excellent ingredient to help with inflammation and decreasing oil and redness. It will also help with the healing of any scabs or scarring.

The ingredients in this mask make it an excellent option for anyone with oily skin that is prone to breakouts. You can buy it here for €6.95.


So this is an interesting one. This is a purifying bubble mask that is made from activated charcoal. Charcoal is an interesting ingredient as firstly is draws out the bacteria and toxins in your skin. Then it absorbs them and carries them away when you rinse it off your skin. You’re left with lovely clear, soft skin.

eThis mask wasn’t as messy as I thought. It feels funny cause you can feel it bubbling on the skin. My skin is in good condition at the moment so I am no sure how much impurities were taken out but my skin felt lovely and soft after and I had zero break outs.

You can buy it here for €7.50

Having tried a number of masks from Skin republic not only over the past few weeks but also over the past year or so, I honestly highly recommend them. I think the price point is good and they do what they say they will do with buckets full. They are available in pharmacies across the country and online on Look Fantastic, Molloys lifestyle pharmacy, Goldens Pharmacy and more.

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