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DSC_2696There are many times during the night that I have woken up to the sound of *clink, clink, clink*. I don’t worry when I hear this noise, as I know it is just my two milk bottle legs knocking off each other. I kid you not. I am literally blue I am that white. So it will come as no surprise to you that fake tan is a staple part of my beauty routine.

Skinny tan is a huge success in Australia and launched onto the UK tanning scene with a very energetic and dynamic pitch in the Dragons Den last year. The Dragons are notorious for their reluctance to part with their cash, but this revolutionary Tan had them falling over each other, to be the dragon to sign up this new product . In the end two dragons, Kelly Hoppen and Piers Linney, joined forces to bring this tan to the UK.

DSC_2705Skinny tan is a tan and toning product all in one. It claims to help diminish cellulite and highlight muscles, while at the same time giving a golden brown tan that lasts for up to 7 days. So how does this tan work and is it any good?

Firstly I found the application to be very easy and streak free. Tanning is something that I am not good at, and more often than not I end up with streaks everywhere when I wash the tan off. That was not the case with Skinny tan. It has tint to it so that you can see where you have put the tan on and where you need to apply more. It does look a little streaky going on, but once it has had over 5-8 hours to develop, it leaves a lovely streak free tan when washed off. It does take a little while to dry, so don’t be in a rush when applying this. I did feel that this is the type of tan you want to develop over night or for a few hours in the house when you are not going anywhere. It is not a tan that you can lash on and head out while it develops.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 20.30.57The smell of this tan is not like anything I have smelt before in a developing tan. Due to the fact that they don’t use a chemical DHA, the biscuit fake tan smell is seriously reduced and instead replaced with the smell of coconuts. It actually smells delicious and there is only a very faint hint of the traditional fake tan smell, but nothing that anyone would notice.

The thing to remember when fake tanning is, you are not going to go from milky white, to Tahitian princess over night. A tan can only ever take you a few shades darker than your natural tan, and in fairness, who wants to go from pasty to mahogany over night. The first time I applied Skinny tan it gave a gorgeous natural tan when I washed it off. It was the type of colour you would get after about a week in the sun, more of a sun kissed look. I decided I wanted to go even darker, so I applied a 2nd coat the next night and when I washed it off, I was a lovely deep brown. I really loved the colour that this tan gave. It was natural, but brown. Not a hint of orange in sight.

The tan lasted really well. I got a full week out of it and then it began to fade. It faded naturally and then all I needed was one exfoliation in the shower and the rest of the tan came off completely. This is a huge thing for me, as while I have found other tans I liked, I hated the way they came off. The fact that Skinny Tan came off so well means that you can reapply straight away and not have to worry about patchy tan.

DSC_2709As for the skinny claims, Skinny tan includes an ingredient called Guarana, that is frequently found in toning and firming cellulite creams. This ingredient is said to stimulate a process that helps to reduce the dreaded orange peel. I can’t say for sure if this actually works, but I do believe  a decent looking tan will always make you appear and feel slimmer. Well at least I always feel that way when tanned and I really felt great when I wore this tan.

I genuinely have nothing but good things to say about this tan. It goes on and comes off well. Gives a lovely natural tan that lasted a week for me and it doesn’t stink like a horse box. It has only recently launched in Ireland and while the fake tan market is fairly saturated, I really feel there is a place in the market for this tan. I have sensitive skin with dry patches and I didn’t find this a problem when I used Skinny Tan.

There are a number of products in the Skinny Tan range, but you can buy the Skinny Tan 7 day tanner in Mac Cabes Pharmacies or online here for €25.99 . This is a little saucy, but in my eyes it is completely worth it.



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