The 10 Stages of getting engaged and buying a ring.

Over the past few months, it seems the world and it’s mother has gotten engaged. Getting engaged is one of the most special moments in your life, but whether we admit is or not, for most girls, an engagement is more than just himself dropping down on one knee. As crazy , and slightly bunny boilerish,  after a few years with the love of our life, we either consciously or unconsciously begin to exhibit some rather strange behaviour.

1: Dropping hints

While sitting watching episodes of “Don’t tell the bride” or “Say Yes to the dress”, you casually say “oh isn’t that lovely”. Or ” I’d love something like that”. Plant the seed early and often becomes your motto.

2: Every time someone gets engaged you make a point of showing off the ring

We all know the style of ring we want, or even more importantly don’t want. Each time someone gets engaged you find yourself giving a running commentary that Michael O’ Murahurtgh would be proud of on the cut, colour, clarity and carrat of the ring. God forbid you be landed with a rock you don’t like! Promise rings are the way forward.

3: You become a regular in your local nail bar

get-a-manicure-tumblrThe last thing you want is scabby looking nails when he pops the questions. Your nails need to be looking top notch for your ring selfie.

4: Every holidays becomes ” THE” HOLIDAY

You convince yourself that this holiday is going to be the one where he drops to one knee and asks you to be his wife. Be it weekend in Donegal or a trip to NYC. You can’t sit still all holiday long wonder when or even if it is going to happen.

5: You call all your friends to tell them this is “THE” HOLIDAY

Detailed conversations on how and when he might do it take place daily on the run up to the holiday. Outfits are planned, so that you look your absolute best when you take your “We got engaged” selfie.

6. You have a private pinterest board full of wedding inspiration

Don’t lie. We have all done it. Pinned pictures of the perfect hair, makeup, table settings. Not to mention THE dress. How did anyone plan a wedding before Pinterest?

7. Even when you most expect it, it still comes as a surprise

the-proposal-tumblrNo matter how much you know the moment is coming. When he drops down on one need, it absolutely floors you.

8. Nobody can prepare you for just how special the moment is

No matter how long you’re going out with each other. No matter how much people tell you he is going to pop the question. The moment he gets down on one knee, is quite possibly the most special moment of your life.

9. From promise ring to bling bling

Nowadays a lot of men can’t deal with the pressure of possibly picking the wrong ring. I don’t blame them. I got a chance to pick my own ring and my god it was hard!!! So many shapes and so many I loved. Seriously could I not have them all? A promise ring allows the bride to be get the ring of her dreams and takes the pressure off the groom to be.

10. Picking the ring

When it comes to actually picking the ring, it is easy to get bamboozled. You would need a degree to get your head around the 4 c’s. Never mind what type of metal or setting you want. That’s when the guidance of a good jewellers comes into play. Voltaire diamonds is an Irish owned company , that as it doesn’t have a retail presence, means they don’t have to hike up prices to pay for commercial costs and can bring you competitively priced diamonds. No man will have to worry about his bride to be picking out a ring that is out of his budget, as Voltaire tailors it’s service to each individual customer.  To book an appointment in their premises near St Stephens Green you can contact them here.

This post is in association with Voltaire diamonds. 



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