Star buys from the new releases from Wet n Wild

DSC_1510A few weeks ago I was sent a number of products to try out from the Wet n Wild new releases. Long time readers of the blog will know that I am a big Wet n Wild fan and many of their products are in my regular makeup rotation. Like with any makeup brand, there will be products that suit you and some that don’t. For today’s post I have picked out my star buys from the new releases that not only hold their own with other affordable brands, but in some cases rival that of their higher end counterparts.

Megaliner Liquid eyeliner

DSC_1528When it comes to eyeliner, I am pretty critical and have very high exceptions. I want my liner to be easy to apply, long wearing and blacker than my soul!! That is exactly what the Wet n Wild Mega liner is. This is an extremely pigmented liner, that glides onto the lids and isn’t in the slightest bit patchy. Not only that but it dries fast and it doesn’t move. Often liners can transfer to the brow bone, but that doesn’t happen with the mega liner.

DSC_1531I personally tend to gravitate towards a pen liner, as I find inkwell style liners hard to apply, but the brush on the mega liner is actually great. It has a good amount of stiffness and yet has enough give that it moves with the contours of your eye.

20160905_232918(0)Over the past few weeks I have used this as much as my beloved Kat Von d Tatoo liner. That says an awful lot about how good I find this liner. If you’re a fan of a winged liner, I genuinely highly recommend that you pick this up. It is available in both black and brown and costs €3.99

Ultimatebrow highlighter

DSC_1532Highlighting my brow is one of those things that I often forget to do!! I think it is because my brow highlighting eyeshadow is in a one of my big palettes, so I don’t tend to take it out all that often. Since I received this brow highlighter to try, my brows have not only been filled in, but sculpted out even more with a little bit of highlighter.

The Ultimatebrow highlighter is fantastic for sculpting out underneath the brow and giving it a sharper appearance. It really is incredibly creamy and easy to use and over the past few weeks, it has quickly become a staple in my makeup routine. I actually even use it when I am not doing a full face of makeup.

The Ultimatebrow highlighter costs €4.99 and you will need a chubby pencil sharpener with it!

MegaGlo Contour stick

DSC_1515Those of you that have read the blog for a while will know that when it comes to contouring I tend to shy away from a cream contour in favour of a powder contour. The reason for this is I find that many cream contours can look dirty on the face. So often I see women walking around with what looks like a streak of mud down the side of their face. The reason for this is the colour that they are using and in fact most of the cream contour colours that are available, are just not suited to Irish skin tone.

DSC_1518The MegaGlow contour stick actually took me by surprise. It is lovely to use. The colour is a nice ashy colour, so it doesn’t look full on on the skin. Yes it can be built up to give a stronger contoured look, but the soft colour means that you can create a softer more natural contoured look.
The pointed ends are brilliant for fitting into the narrow areas of the face and it means that you can apply a small amount and blend it with a brush. I used the Nima Terry brush to blend out the contour, but you could equally use a fluffy brush of even a sponge. You can see how I have applied it in the video below.

20160905_232936I personally wasn’t a fan of the highlighting end, but that is just because I prefer to use my own concealer to highlight. I am very picky like that, but I know that it would work really well for so many as a highlighter.

I found that when blended in, the contour looked lovely and natural and really warmed the skin. It also lasted well during the day, but to make it last even longer you could apply the MegaGlow contour powder over it but only use a very small bit for fear of the muck look.

The MegaGlo contour stick costs €5.99

Colour icon Blusher

DSC_1540The first thing I am going to tell you about is the price of this blusher because at €3.99 for the quality you’re getting, they are practically giving this thing away!

Available in 5 shades, the Colouricon blusher gives the cheeks a gorgeous pop of colour with a little it of glow. The colour is buildable and you can get a softer glow or a big whack of colour, but I would suggest going in very lightly as there is great colour payoff.

DSC_1541While it is slightly powdery, it does blend very easily into the skin and if you do go overboard with the colour, as I have done once twice, it is easily blended out. Once applied the colour lasts really well throughout the day. I have the colour Fantastic Plastic pink, which is a beautiful light pink shade that can be built into a real Barbie pink!!

MegaGlo Highlighter

DSC_1542I have gone and saved the best for last. This highlighter is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

DSC_1544The MegaGlo highlighter is a beautifully warm golden toned highlighter, that really gives a really stunning glow to the skin. I like my highlighter to look almost wet on the skin and for there not to be a hint of shimmer and that is exactly what I get with the MegaGlo highlighter. I have seen the Irish beauty world go mad for the Catrice highlighter lately and if I am honest, I just don’t get the hype with that one at all, it was far too silvery for me, where the MegaGlo highlighter looks so beautiful on the skin and wears well throughout the day. At €3.99 it would be a sin not to try this.

In the video below, I am not only talking in more detail about my favourite products from the Wet n Wild new releases, but I am showing you exactly how I highlight and contour using this credit card friendly products.

*This post is in collaboration with Wet n Wild. Although this is a collaboration post, my review sticks to the ethos of The Beautiful Truth! 


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