Super Facialist by Úna Brennan – Deep Clean clay mask

For the last few months I have been on a real skin care drive. I had heard a few things about the Super Facialist by Úna Brennan and I thought as a little treat for my skin I would try the Deep clean pore purifying mask. I bought it in Boots for €10.99, so it wasn’t going to break the bank.

Super facialist promises that the mask will clear excess dirt, oil and toxins which lead to breakouts. It contains ingredients like Avocado Oil, Acacia Honey, Salicylic Acid  and Dead Sea Mud. It is a light grey colour and smells lovely when you put it on your face. So did it work?

Mask straight after application. I look gorgeous

When I applied it to my face it didn’t tingle or hurt like other masks can. It dried out on the face quickly but where there was clogged pores it didn’t dry out, due to the oil in the pores, and I could clearly see where all the dirt and oils were gathering on my skin. I actually found this somewhat satisfying .Gross I know! After about 5 minutes it hardened and I washed the masked off with water and muslin cloth. I could see improvement in my pores straight away. They had closed up quite a bit and the small blackheads on my nose were definitely clearer. However, while I know clay masks can leave your skin dry, I found my skin was seriously dry after using this mask. It was quite dry for a few days after. It was nearly uncomfortably dry. 

Mask doesn’t dry around pores. ( lovely picture)

I am really torn with this product. Yes it minimised my pores and blackheads but it left my skin very dry. What it gives with one hand it takes with the other.

 If you have oily skin I think this would be a great product for you, but if you have dry skin I would avoid it. 

I will use this mask again, however it won’t be my go to face mask and when I run out I won’t re purchase. 

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