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Cancer Wellness at The Ice House Ballina

In 2013, as many of you know, I was diagnosed with cancer. It isn’t something I mention all that often on the blog. The Beautiful Truth was started as a distraction from being sick. My blog has always been my escape. My cancer free space. It was and still is my place to talk about stuff that is frivolous and a bit of fun.  Yet, when the Ice House in Ballina contacted me to review their cancer wellness centre, my interest was pipped. This was something I could talk about on the blog and hopefully help someone! When you’ve cancer, it is a time in your life that your energy levels…


Finally some good news

I have written and deleted this post countless time this week. I have debated if I should even write this post, as so many people have been blogging about their own hard experiences, but I decided that as most of you already knew the bad news, it was only right to share the good news. As many of you already know, last April I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. Not the worst type of cancer you can get, but enough to knock you off your feet and take the wind out of your sails for a while. You might have seen my lovely Frankenstein scar on my neck in pictures,…

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Thank You

Around this time of year many of us find ourselves reflecting on the year that’s past. For me 2013 was a big year. It was a year when the unexpected happened. 2013 was the year that saved my life. As many of you already know, I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer earlier this year. I was never hugely religious, but I strongly believe someone up there was looking out for me as my cancer was beginning to turn into a nasty piece of work, but they caught it just in time. While things are going to be ok, I have a little bit more to go through. After Christmas I…