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Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hour Nude foundation

In a recent YouTube video, I asked the readers of The Beautiful Truth, to recommend a good budget foundation for me to try .Again and again, people kept recommending the Rimmel Lashing finish 25 hour foundation. Not to be rude, I of course had to try it and picked up the both the lasting finish 25 hour nude and the original red bottled Lasting finish 25 hour with comfort serum. Having given both a try, I have found that I have reached for the Lasting finish nude ( the white topped one) a lot more over the original, as I found it far more comfortable for my skin than the…

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Thrifty Tuesday: NYX Bronzer and Blusher combo

I’ve had this blusher and bronzer combo in my drawer for the last few months and it was only a few weeks ago, while shopping my stash, that I took it out to give it a go. Since my very first use, I was kicking myself that I hadn’t taken it out sooner to use as it is quite simply perfect. The bronzer and blusher are housed in a white plastic compact with a mirror inside. The compact is quite sturdy, as I have had it knocking about in my bag for the last two weeks and it’s still in perfect condition. The Bronzer and blusher combo comes in 5…

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Thrifty Tuesday – eBay Necklace haul

A few weeks back I posted on The Beautiful Truth Facebook page, about a little bit of bargain hunting I had taken part in on eBay. Aisling from Total Makeup Addict had recently posted about some gorgeous necklaces that she had bought on eBay and with a glass of wine in hand, off I went on a little bit of a shopping spree on ebay.  Aisling really is one of my main enablers. I love Statement jewellery. I have 2 jewellery hangers from Pennys, hanging in the inside of my wardrobe with my copious amount of necklaces hanging from them. When I read Aisling’s post and saw the bargains she had gotten,…

Thrifty Tuesday

Thrifty Tuesday: Eye booster 2 in 1 eyeliner and serum

It seems every week I am coming to you with another eyeliner pen. I wear eyeliner every day so I go through eyeliner pens like wildfire and as a result I am constantly trying new ones. My latest eyeliner pen to try out is the Physicians Formula Eye booster 2 in 1 eyeliner and serum. Quite a mouth full if I do say so myself. There are two things I look for when using and eyeliner pen. Firstly the stiffness of the nip needs to be soft, so that it won’t hurt your eye when using it, but at the same time it needs to have a good level of…

Budget buys Thrifty Tuesday

Wet N Wild MegaLast lipsticks

If you follow me on Facebook, you will already know of my love of these lipsticks and my hunt to find every single one in the collection.I have now managed to build my collection up to 4, not bad, but my quest for every colour is an on going one. Wet n Wild megalast lipsticks come in 26  shades in total, but only 13 shades are available to Ireland. These lipsticks are a semi matte cream formula, that promise to glide on easily, with no feathering, caking or bleeding.They are said to be long lasting, with up to 4 hours wear time without retouching. So are all of these claims made my…

Budget buys Thrifty Tuesday

Thrifty Tuesday – Essence eyeliner pen

First up in our brand new feature ‘Thrifty Tuesday” , is a real favourite of mine, The Essence eyeliner pen. Who doesn’t love a perfectly applied winged liner? It can look so elegant, and stunning, especially when kept simple and themed with a simple red lip. I love winged liner, but unfortunately, I apply liner like a 5 year old that has snuck into their mothers makeup bag. Lately the Essence eyeliner pen has been my absolute saviour when it comes to perfecting the perfect winged look.   The Essence eyeliner pen, comes with a felt tip style nib. It has the perfect level of stiffness, so even when my…