The Balm Meet Matt(e) Trimony Palette

20160407_1708293 of my favourite words when it comes to eyeshadow has to be matte and warm naturals. Throw those words together in the one palette and it will come as no surprise that since receiving the Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette to try out a number of weeks ago, it literally has not left my eyes!!! This really is an eyeshadow palette matte lovers are going to want to read about and have in their collection.

20160409_101028_001The Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette contains 9 all matte, predominately warm netural eyeshadows ( there is a few cooler tones thrown in too). With colours ranging from a light cream colour, right up to a matte black, there is honestly colours in here to suit all eye colours. Not only that but this palette contains just the right mixture of colours to create a number of daytime looks, while at the same time you can achieve a full on nighttime look.

20160409_101006The shadows themselves are incredibly pigmented. To the point that you need to go in with a light hand when applying colour as you’re better off building your colour and blending to get that sought after blended look. If you go in with too much colour at first, it can be hard to blend out . Each shadow is incredibly creamy and easy to work with. I think this is half the reason I reach for this palette most mornings. You just don’t have to work very hard to achieve a flawless look.


20160504_192348My only one complaint about the shadows is due to the fact they are so finely milled, they tend to crumble in the pan quite a bit. Once you tap your brush, this fall out doesn’t transfer to the eyes, but I do find there is a little bit of a waste of product when you dip your brush into the pan. Ladies, I am just nit picking here, as this really isn’t much of an issue at all, but i thought it was something to point out.20160409_101012

20160504_192519Each of the colours in the palette work well independently, but  every  colour also works well together too.  Even though I have used this palette quite a bit over the past number of weeks, I would be hard pushed to pick out a favourite colour, as I really love them all equally. During the day I have found myself leaning towards Matt Linn all over the lid with a little bit of Matt Lopez in the crease. I found that this was a great combination for work , as it was a real no fuss look that went together quickly and yet looked really effective.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 22.04.13

20160504_192503I honestly can’t sing high enough praise for this palette. I have genuine love for it and hold it up there with my ultimate favourite Too Faced Chocolate bar palette. This really is a palette to suit all ages too and I have used it a few times on my mother and the matte colours really work well, as shimmer on maturer ladies ( see mam, I didn’t call you old) tends to sit in fine lines and age the eye area.

While I recommend products all the time, I really can’t recommend this enough. If you are a fan of matte eyeshadows, you 100% will love this and need it in your life. I have a feeling this will feature heavily in my 2016 favourites .  You can pick it up on Cloud 10 beauty for €44 or in Debenhams .







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    May 4, 2016 at 7:44 pm

    Absolutely ADORE the look of this palette!

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    May 4, 2016 at 8:14 pm

    I was eying this up at the weekend- it looks so pretty!

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