The Beautiful Truth Beauty and baby experience

The beautiful Truth Beauty and Baby experienceI’m sure when people heard I was doing an event, there were a lot of eye rolls and people saying “not another workshop.” But there is a reason behind why I decide to put on my very own event.

When you have children, there is a wealth of information about everything to do with them. But nobody tells you about what will happen to you! What happens to your hair, skin, body and how for so many, when you have a child, you lose a lot of yourself! For a lot, because we become extremely time poor when we have kids, many find it easier to give up the glam life and embrace the track suit bottoms and leggings life!

Back in In July 2016 when I had my little boy, my whole world change. While it was all for the better, there was one thing that suffered and that was the time I gave to myself. While, for the most part it looked like I had myself together on social media, I fell into the pyjamas, track suit bottoms and hun bun life. Lack of sleep, lack of routine and lack of knowledge, meant I gave up putting any effort in for the most part! I was no different from so many others and that is the very reason I decided to put together my Beauty and Baby Experience.

The Beautiful Truth Beauty and Baby experience is time out for any moms. Be it those that are pregnant or those that have kids of varying ages. I’ve put together a panel of experts to give you all the tips and tricks on makeup, hair, fashion and fitness for when you have zero time but still want to look half way decent. I also have a skin care expert to talk about products that will give your skin back it’s glow, when you’re robbed of sleep and picking at food that definitely doesn’t feed the skin from within.

For the baby part of the day, I have a weaning and nutritional expert to talk about how to get our fussy eater to actually eat something and not throw it on the floor! God knows I need to listen carefully to this.

Moogoo will be talking us through all the products that work for all the family. I have used Moogoo for years, as i have problem skin on my body and head on heart this stuff has saved me time and time again. Both with myself and Conor!

There are other experts lined up to talk on baby bits and pieces.

Not only will you have fabulous chats with all of our experts below but there will be brunch and a fantastic goody bag too. There are spot prizes from brand like Lanaiblo, instyler, Pestle and mortar and so many more!!  There is a huge amount of popup shops including Benefit, Trnd Beauty, Nima Brush and so much more!!

The beautiful Truth Beauty and Baby experienceTickets are €65 and are available for November 19th in Cork here and for Dublin on November 26th here.


Rather than just a makeup tutorial, I am going to be talking about all of the products that are available to help you get something on your face when you have no time at all! This will be a completely interactive session with questions from the floor to make sure all you’re burning issues are dealt with.


For the fashion segment both myself and Sinéad’s Curvy style will be putting together outfits for all the different occasions that you may face as a mammy!!! We will be showing you how to dress your problem areas and accentuate your best bits! There will also be discounts in the goody bag for some leading online retailers to help you ease the pain on your credit card!! You can find Sinéad’s social media here.


Anyone who has had a baby will know it messes with your skin so much!! Knowing what you can and can’t use while pregnant is a whole other minefield. To help answer your questions and to tell us all about what products we should and shouldnt be using, I have the incredibly knowledgeable skin care specialist Jeanne Brophy!


When it came to picking a hairdresser, I didn’t have to think twice about asking Lisa Eccles from Zinc Hair and beauty. Lisa is a top trainer for Moroccan Oil and works on top shows in London fashion week every year! There is nothing this woman doesn’t know about hair and she is an absolute wizard when it comes to colour. Lisa is also incredibly practical and is going to show us how to style our hair when we have no time but also show us what we should do when it starts falling out post baby!!


Anyone from down around the Kilkenny area will have heard of Brid from Fit with Brid. Brid is an online fitness guru who runs online course with fitness, nutrition and support to help you slim down for weddings, after having a baby and special occasions. Brid has two small children of her own so she knows all about the lack of time!!! You can find out more about Brid on her website here.

Weaning and nutrition

If you haven’t heard of Mummy Cooks then get on it. Siobhan has such a brilliant range of products, to help make weaning your baby so much easier. She has everything from containers in the sizes they should be eating at each stage, a flask for keeping things hot and she is bringing out her own practical guide to weaning and food for small children! You can find out more about Siobhan here.

Moogoo Ireland

I can’t tell you how happy I am to have Moogoo as my sponsor for the event. This is a brand i have spoken about on my blog for years, as I first discovered it just before my wedding when I broke out is a huge amount of eczema all over my body. I was so stressed out because like any bride I wanted everything to be perfect. When I asked the readers of the blog what to do, an overwhelming about of them told me to get the Moogoo Irritable skin balm. To say it was my miracle worker would be an understatement. It cleared it up just in time for the wedding!! Not only did the balm clear up my eczema but it help relive the itch on my body when pregnant and then went on to clear up Conor’s eczema when he was very small. The beauty of Moogoo products is they can be used from birth!! I have so  many products that I will be sharing with you in a blog post soon, but Melanie from Moogoo will be there on the day to talk us through her favourites!





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