The Best and Worst Maternity tights

Anyone who has been pregnant will know the struggle to get a pair of tights that don’t leave you resembling Nora Batty!! Find a pair of tights that stay up, but also don’t feel like they are cutting off circulation can be a challenge. A lot of people say size up in your regular tights but for me that was only an option till I hit about 5 months and my bump exploded!!

Over the past few weeks, I have tried 5 different pairs of tights. I have tried them under a number of different conditions to see how they hold up and I am comparing them all below. I thought it important to see how each pair wore after they had been washed. I feel that when we wash tights, some can lose elasticity.

I think it is worth noting, that while not always the case, the type of knickers you wear does make a difference. Not that at the moment beautiful underwear is much of an option but the days I wore anything even the slightest bit silky, I found most tights slid a little more than normal. I also feel that over the bump underwear is a lot more comfortable and can stop the tights falling down too.

Mothercare maternity black tights 100 denier by Blooming Marvellous – 2 pack

Price: €17.50 for a 2 pack

Denier: 100

Length and sizing: The band came right up underneath the bump and they would absolutely fit a longer leg. I wore a size large.

Staying Up power: These tights didn’t stay up well. I found that they fell down from the bump but they also really slipped down the leg and I found that the gusset ended up almost at my knees as I walked along. Strangely I found that while they were the same tights in a 2 pack, one pair stayed up better than the other.

After Washing: Once washed, I found that these slipped down the legs further. I stopped wearing them after 3 or 4 washes.

Overall: 1/5 I didn’t like these tights at all. They started slipping and rolling the minute I put them on. I found that I put my fingers through the material on the bump very easily and once washed they were not great at all.

You can buy them here. 

Penneys Maternity tights

Price: €4 per pair

Denier: 100

Length and sizing: While the band was generous, I found that it was only half way up my bump come 22 weeks. I do have a bigger than normal bump.I wore a size large.

Staying Up power: When I first bought these tights I found they weren’t bad at all. They stayed up and were comfortable. However, they were a disaster once washed. I found that after a few steps they were down around my knees. I had a moment in Liffey valley that I was fully sure by the time I got to my car the entire pair of tights would be down around my ankles. I spent the whole time walking from one end of the centre to the other stopping and pulling the tights up.

After Washing: Once washed, these were a disaster. They lost all holding up power.

Overall: 0/5 Avoid. Even at €4 they are a waste of money.


Next Black 100 Denier Opaque Tights

Ok so I need to give these tights a little note, as until I sat down to write this post, I was full sure these tights were maternity tights! I don’t know how I did this. I am blaming baby brain!

Price: €15.50 packet of 3

Denier: 100

Length and sizing: These came up more or less under the boob. As my bump has grown they have moved down the bump and I would say in the next few weeks I will need put them to the side. But I am 28 weeks!! I think I will get another 4 weeks out of them for sure. There is very good leg length in these. I wore a size xl in these.

Staying Up power: These didn’t move they stayed on the bump and the legs. There was no slipping anywhere and only the odd time did I need to give them a little tug but that was more because the legs were long and I have such short legs

After Washing: There was zero issue once these were washed. I have washed them a number of times and washing hasn’t changed the tights one bit.

Overall: 4/5  Only reason I am docking a point is because they’re not maternity.

You can buy them here. 

Mama Support Tights H & M

Price: €12.99 each

Denier: 70 and 100

Length and sizing: If you’re a tall lady, you’re gonna love these. The length of the leg is really long but not to the point that hobbits like myself have an issue. The Body of the tights sits right up underneath the bump and even though my bump is growing, there is still plenty of space and I would be confident in saying I will get to 40 weeks with these. I wore a size large in these

Staying Up power: They don’t move one bit. In fact out of all the tights I would say these are the most comfortable. I do get a little bit of gathering at the end of the legs but that is because they are so long rather than they are slipping.

After Washing: Washing did not effect these tights one bit. They washed very well

Overall: 5/5 Avoid. These are by far my favourite. They are comfortable on the bump. They don’t feel tight. They stay up with no slipping. I prefer the feel of the 70 denier as I find they are a little more silky but the 100 denier are perfect too. I am going to buy another few pairs of these to see me through to the end of the pregnancy.

You can buy them here.  (af link)

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