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IMG_9011Since returning to work at the beginning of September, my life has been hectic to say the least. It seems like I am constantly chasing my tail and running from one appointment to the next. Thankfully, I am enjoying everything I am doing, but it is very rare that I take a moment to myself and relax. When offered the chance to review one of The Dawson Spa’s new treatments for the up coming Christmas season, I jumped at the chance. This was exactly what I needed.

The Dawson Spa is located, in the Dawson hotel on Dawson Street. The Spa itself is located on the top floors of the hotel and is an ideal hide away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The Spa location is perfect for a girl’s day out shopping, followed by an afternoon in the Spa and an early dinner. I often find myself and my friends are looking for things to do that don’t involve nights on the tiles, and I know this would be ideal for many groups of friends, or even couples.

IMG_8959 I arrived at the Dawson Spa 15 minutes before my appointment, in one big hot and stressed heap. It had just been one of those days. The minute I walked through the doors of the spa, the gentle tinkling of the relaxing music, made me instantly relax and begin to forget about everything I had going on.

IMG_8966 I had been dreading changing out of my warm clothes, as the day was miserable, wet and cold, However, I was lead into a toasty changing room, where I was given a huge, warm fluffy robe and slippers to change into.

The Dawson Spa uses all Voya products, and they are littered throughout the Spa. Voya is an Irish company, that uses seaweed extracts and organic ingredients, which are packed full of minerals and vitamins.

IMG_8983 I was being treated to one of the new Christmas treatments called the Macaroon melt, which was said to be total, luxury. The treatment uses rich ingredients and oils to make for a truly unique pamper package.

The Macaroon treatment is broken down into 3 different treatments, over 1 hour and 45. The first part of this treatment is a warm festive foot ritual. Using a scrub made up of cloves, ginger, turmeric and other essential oils. The feet are gently scrubbed and massaged, while you sit in a large comfortable chair. The smell of the scrub is warm, inviting and instantly relaxing. I love a good foot rub, and this didn’t let me down.

IMG_8977 The second treatment is a full body sugar scrub. Normally a body scrub would bring images of something very abrasive, but the sugar mixture, made up of lemon, lime and essential oils, is extremely relaxing and soothing on the body. The scrub is gently massaged into the skin, to remove any dead skin and give the body a smooth feeling and bright appearance. I was thoroughly relaxed during this part of the treatment, and found that my skin was left feeling extremely smooth and looking very bright and healthy. A quick body shower, to remove and excess sugar, before the final part of the treatment, finished this part of the treatment off. I did think the shower was going to break the relaxed feeling, but to be honest the pressure of the shower was gorgeous and it was so nice to stand under it and feel the beating hot water and not have to think of water charges!!!

IMG_8994 The final part of the Macaroon melt, is a full body massage. Normally I am not a fan of massages, as I have quite a tender back and normally I end up gritting my teeth with the pain. This was not the case here. I have honestly never had a nicer massage. The therapist tailored the pressure of the massage to my own personal comfort level. I  don’t think I have felt as relaxed in a very long time. It was absolute heaven and the fact that the treatment bed was heated, made it even more comforting and relaxing. This was my favourite part of the treatment.

IMG_8967 Following the treatment, you can further relax in the treatment room. I however, had to rush out to make a dinner date, and didn’t get a chance to experience this part of the Spa. I’m raging, as I was ridiculously relaxed and would have loved nothing more to go for a quick nap before heading home.

The Macaroon melt treatment, costs €110 for the 3 part treatment over 1 hour and 45, followed by your time in the relaxation room. I honestly feel for the type of treatment, and the level of hospitality you receive, this is a fantastic price. I have been raving about the value of the treatment to anyone that will listen over the last few days.  This would make the perfect treat to yourself in the run up to party season, or even as a present for someone special in your life. If Mr. Beautiful Truth were stuck for any ideas of what he might like to get me for Christmas, a voucher for The Dawson Spa would be warmly accepted.

There are many more treatments to choose from which you can check out here and don’t forget to ask about their Christmas treatments, which includes Best Friends Bubble and Bliss and the Plum Pudding Pedicure. You can find out more about their special offers on their Facebook and Twitter pages.  I however, can’t recommend this Macaroon melt enough. I have already decided this is what I will be getting the week of my wedding, as a treat and to prepare my body for my spray tan.





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    October 13, 2014 at 8:11 pm

    Sounds like heaven!!

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    Caitriona Traynor
    October 28, 2014 at 9:56 pm

    After reading your review about the Macaroon Melt in the Dawson Spa, I really wanted to try it out for myself as a lovely treat on a day off. You haven’t steered me wrong yet and the whole experience was fabulous. The girls at the spa couldn’t have been more accommodating and I feel like a new woman after such a relaxing experience. I will be back again! Thank Sinead!

    • Sinead K
      Sinead K
      October 28, 2014 at 10:21 pm

      a Caitriona Im delighted you enjoyed it. It really is a fabulous spa. Im defo going back with the mammy

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