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As far as I am concerned you can never have too many brushes. I have a weakness when it comes to buying makeup brushes and every so often I go on a brush buying binge. One of the main things I look for when buying new brushes is quality. The last thing I want is scratchy brushes on my face. Not only do scratchy brushes hurt your skin, but they don’t blend your makeup properly. For me, brushes is all about quality.

A few weeks ago, I was gifted a number of brushes from the Nima brush collection to try out. I had heard so many good things about these brushes and was really excited to give them a spin. The very first thing I noticed about these brushes was the colour. They looked so pretty. I am so superficial I know, but I love pretty things. Most brushes are black, are blend in with each other, but the Nima brushes were white with a fab rose gold ferules. They stand out a mile in my brush pot, so it is easy to find the brush I want. The handle is lovely and thick, making them easy to hold and control.

The quality of the brush hair is of a seriously high standard. They are super so soft. Like softer than any other brush I have tried. I held off reviewing these brushes for a while, as I really wanted to put them to work and wash them a few times to see how they held up. I can honestly say, even when washed they are still softer than soft and don’t shed. I was impressed.

brush 1The first brush I tried was the Flat head Kabuki brush. I thought that this most resembled my beloved Sigma F80 brush. Like all the brushes, this brush was as soft as a feather . I used this to apply my foundation and tried it with a number of different foundations to really give it a run for it’s money. It buffs the foundation into the skin really well and gives a very flawless finishes. Not a streak in sight. I found this brush great for a really natural finish. If you are a fan of a very heavy looking foundation, then I don’t think this is the brush for you. While it is a dense brush, I personally like a much denser brush, but when doing other peoples makeup, I used this a lot more than my Sigma F80. I used this on days that I was going for a more natural look, but I still used my Sigma F80, for more full on coverage when going out at night.

brush 2This brush stumped me a little. I am personally not a fan of duo fibre brushes. They just aren’t my thing. I know a lot of people loved them, and the quality of this brush is seriously better than a lot of duo fibre brushes I have come across. It is made up of a mixture of natural and synthetic hair and can be used with both liquid and powder. I tried it a few times with my foundation and while it worked well, it just wasn’t the type of brush I was into. However, I found a use for it and seriously love it used in this way. I use it to apply my Josie Marran Cheek gelee and my god it is brilliant for this. It gives such a sheer coverage and doesn’t soak up product like other brushes can. If you are a fan of dup fibre brushes, you will love this brush. I have seen and used the Mac duo fibre brush and I would honestly believe that the Nima brush is better.

BRUSH 3The brush I used the most was the synthetic crease brush. This brush can be used to place shadow all over the lid or to blend out shadow in the socket. While it worked well with eyeshadow, I did find it a little big for use on my eyes, unless I was doing a wash of colour. The thing with makeup brushes is they are multi functional and if you find a function for a brush, that isn’t what it says on the tin, great!! I love this brush for blending out my concealer. I know that is not what it was designed for, but I just think it works brilliantly when I used it like this It works so well with the Nars radiant creamy concealer. It gives such good coverage when blending concealer and like all the brushes, it doesn’t soak up loads of product. If you like to use brushes for concealer, than you really can’t go wrong with this brush

brush 4The round head kabuki brush, was hands down my favourite. I really loved this brush. It reminded me of a better quality Real techniques buffing brush, except better. It gave good coverage and blended the foundation in beautifully.No streaks, no fuss.  It is also brilliant for cream blushes and bronzers. I used this with my soleil tan de Chanel and it just blended it out so well because that bronzer can be hard to work with if you don’t use the right brush.

I am all about supporting Irish and Nima brush is an Irish run company by Nimah Martin. Niamh is an Mua, who designed the brushes to fill a gap in her kit, that she just couldn’t fill with other brushes. What better endorsement than the fact Niamh uses these herself for everything.

The brushes are all priced really well, but if you buy them as part of sets they are really good value. I genuinely think that the quality of these brushes is up their with the best and I would be inclined to say some of the brushes are much better quality than Mac. All of the brushes above are part of the Elite collection, but You can view all the collections on the Nima brush website. If you are in the market for new brushes, I highly recommend that you give Nima brush a try, You honestly won’t be disappointed.

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