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When it comes to tanning and keeping your skin in tip top shape in the sun, there really is nobody more qualified than, Kate from Pure Irish sugar. Kate is not only a blogger, but also one of the ladies behind the scenes and the Number 1 selling tan Cocoa Brown. I know Jate through the bogging world, and to say she is an absolute sweetheart would be an understatement. There is only one problem when meeting Kate and that is I get over come with serious hair envy. Her hair is amazing!!! I kid you not. To keep up with Kate’s antics and blog posts, you can check our her blog Pure Irish Sugar, follow her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Go on give her a follow. 
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SPF is something we should wear everyday, not just when we travel abroad. With holiday season upon us, we are rushing out to pharmacies and Penneys to pick up our travel essentials. I thought I would share with you my top picks when it comes to SPF and sun cream textures. Personally I hate the feel of thick sun cream on my skin, I have a pale complexion so I don’t want to become whiter with a thick dollop of sun cream!
So let’s have a look at our options:
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Riemann P20 Once A Day Sun Protection Spray SPF50+ 200ml –

This is a quick drying clear, liquid sun protection with photo stable UVA and UVB filters in a unique formulation. The idea of P20 is that you apply it once a day for 10 hour protection. This reminds me of my childhood on holidays. I sat in the shade with P20 on and refused to come home with even an extra freckle. Seeing as I am a red head, a tomato complexion just wouldn’t work. The consistency is light and the product is fast drying so it doesn’t leave an oily residue on the skin. Be careful though as this product can often stain white clothes. I would recommend this product if you are going to be partaking in a lot of swimming activities while away. However, I recommend you apply this product in the morning, then throughout the day using a separate sun cream.

€32.99 – Boots
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Bioderma Photoderm Bronz SPF 50 – I love this brand and only recently tried their sun product selection. Bioderma is a French brand that launched in Ireland last month and is one not to be missed. I know Sinead recently tried their Sensibio H20 Micellar Water. Bioderma Photoderm Bronz SPF 50 can be used on your face and body. As this product is an oil, it is perfect to use on your scalp. When you are in the sea and relaxing on the beach you do not want a burnt scalp. I would recommend this for our other halves too as they have shorter hair and are exposed more to the sun. This sun cream is non-comedogenic and hypollergenic which means it won’t block your pores and for sensitive skinned girls it is a life saver! Bioderma have a whole range of sun cream so have a look to find what suits you.

€22 – Llyods Pharmacy

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Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze SPF30 200ml – A firm favourite of most people. Good old Nivea is a complete reliable when it comes to sun cream. They have a huge selection of products with different textures. I also love that Nivea have travel size products. This is so handy for when you are on your holidays and need to pop some SPF into your handbag. I am going to be bringing this Nivea product with me because I love the spray pump and the sun cream has a really light texture. I also love the smell of Nivea, reminds me of summer holidays with my family (we must have only brought Nivea).

€12 – Boots

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PIZ BUIN Allergy Spray SPF 30 200ml– I have sensitive skin and this brand has an allergy section which some of you may not have known about. They have SPF 15-50 with lotions and sprays. I always go for the spray option, a personal choice. The texture is light and non-sticky. With sensitive skin, even minimal exposure to UV rays can cause prickly sensations and blotchiness making it difficult to enjoy the sun. PIZ BUIN Allergy is specially developed under dermatological control to protect sun sensitive skin. It combines Advanced UVA/UVB sun filters and CALMANELLE, a unique shield complex which is proven to reinforce skin cell defence against UV rays and help increase skin cell tolerance to the sun.

€19.99 – Boots

So you are off on your holidays and you want to wear your favourite fake tan for the week, mine is Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter 1 HOUR TAN MOUSSE. Looking like a bronzed goddess on the beach will be easy, but you still need to protect your skin with SPF. Most sun creams contain oil and this strips tan from the skin. The best way to maintain your glow while also protecting your skin without any unwanted patches is to use an oil-free sun cream. Now with a lot of research I have found some options (there are not many oil-free sun creams out there). Most Oil-Free sun creams are for your face because you don’t want your skin to break out or your pores to block. If we were to use a facial oil-free sun cream we would be going through more bottles than we would fit into our suitcase!

OIL-FREE Sun Cream – Next to near impossible to find but here are my top picks:
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La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Extreme Face Fluid SPF50 50ml – I know I said I wasn’t going to focus on facial sun cream but this one is a product not to be missed. It is also perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or with eczema. I suffer with eczema on my arms and this sun cream would be my one of my favourites. Expensive but worth it and it comes in a few different sizes. This is my top pick for oil-free sun creams. This particular product is recommended for anyone prone to oily skin.
€19.50 – Llyods Pharmacy
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Jack Black Oil-Free Sun Guard SPF 45 – This is a sun cream I have yet to try but you can buy it on one of my favourite shopping sites, Cloud 10 Beauty. Not only does this product have an incredibly high SPF but it states that it is oil-free and in a 118ml tube.
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These products are expensive but worth the investment. I used them last summer and will be repurchasing before my holiday, later this summer. For anyone concerned with the aging process the Murad range would be a great addition to your collection.
€32.50 –

Now it’s time to pack the suitcase and off we jet! Have a fabulous summer and make sure to tweet me if you have any questions @k8_kell. Be sure to follow my holiday adventure on my instagram page @katekellyk and Facebook Pure Irish Sugar Blog.

Thanks Sinead for having me as your guest blogger.

Stay Fabulous,

Love Kate x

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