There’s something about YouTubers

I love nothing more than lying in bed at night and watching YouTube videos. I always have Pinterest handy so I can favourite items that I have seen and “need” to buy. In fact this little hobby of mine is slowly bankrupting me. This time 18 months ago my makeup fit in a  smallish makeup bag, now its a chest of drawers!!

While I like to experiment with makeup myself I love watching YouTube tutorials for inspiration. Below are some of the YouTubers who have inspired me and contributed to my bankruptcy.

Ok so you must be living under a rock in Timbuktu if you haven’t heard of Pixiwoo.  I love the sister duo of Sam and Nic. Sam is the creator of Real Technique brushes, a firm favourite of beauty lovers. Pixiwoo use a mix of high end and drug store products in their tutorials. Their step by step guide make their tutorials easy to follow.
This lady makes me feel so much better about my spending habit.  Tiffany is some shopper and knows how to sniff out the bargains. She films her videos in her walk in wardrobe and I have serious wardrobe envy when I watch her videos. I stumbled upon this blog a few months ago and it has become a firm favourite of mine. Tiffany is probably one of the most honest YouTubers out there. 
I found Chloe’s channel when looking for a Christmas party makeup look. Chloe has so many different tutorials that you are bound to find one that you love. I have tried her Adriana Lima tutorial a few times and gotten many compliments about my makeup when I wear it.

Vivanna is by far one of my favourite beauty bloggers and YouTubers. I love how she gives an honest account of products and how she struggles with winged eyeliner.

Tanya was the very first beauty YouTuber I subscribed to. I have tried out so many of her tutorials and have had great success as they are so easy to follow. I love how she uses mainly Mac eyeshadows, as it makes looks more accessible to me as I have a bit of a Mac eyeshadow addiction. If you are looking to try out some step by step makeup looks then this is the YouTuber for you.
Some home grown YouTubers worth a mention.

Many Irish beauty bloggers are beginning to venture into the world of YouTube. Below are some of the Irish YouTubers that I subscribe to and are definitely worth a look.

Who knows maybe someday I might take a notion and start my own YouTube channel. What do you think? Can you put up with even more of my waffle?

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    Karen Constantine
    November 8, 2013 at 7:58 pm

    Thanks a million for the shout out 🙂 Love the blog! And yes, you need to start YouTubing!

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