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It is a rare occasion that I have more than a few minutes to do my makeup in the morning. There are a number of reasons for this, with the main one being my love for an extra few minutes in bed! No matter if you’re a mother of 3 or someone just starting college. Everyone wants to shave a few minutes off their morning routine, so that they can have those extra few precious minutes in bed.

To help you save time with your routine, I have picked out my favourite products to help you claw back a few minutes in your day! I will warn you. A lot of these are hair products has that is what takes me the longest in the morning!!

Moroccan Oil Dry shampoo

Moroccan oil dry shampoo
Lets call a spade a spade. Washing your hair is an absolute pain in the backside! Especially if you have piles of hair like I do! Like any woman, I am known to try and squeeze an extra day or two out of my hair with some dry shampoo. I have tried a number of different brands with varying success but my favourite has to be the Moroccan oil dry shampoo. It is available for dark tones and light tones so that you don’t get a white cast on your hair. When sprayed on the hair it instantly soaks up any excess oils and makes the hair look clean again! It does have a decent price tag at €18.54 but in my eyes it is so worth it! You can buy it from Feel Unique for €18.54 here.

EverPro Beauty Zero Grey

Zero Grey root concealerSome of you will be sick hearing me talk about this root spray but it is genuinely so good I want to tell everyone about it again and again! Unfortunately I am someone who starts to see my grey hair come through within two and a half weeks of getting my colour done. I may have been blessed with young looking skin but they got me with the grey hair instead! It is an actual curse. Getting my hair done every 3 or 4 weeks is just not an option due to the time it takes and also the cost. Even if I try and space my full colour out with a bit of masking in-between, the money adds up. That is why this little can of colour is invaluable to me.

What I love about this spray is it doesn’t leave your hair feeling heavy or dirty. I can confidently cover my greys to stretch my colour out for 5 weeks.It doesn’t overly transfer when you touch your hair and you don’t need to wash your hair every day when you use it. It is hard to get your hands on but I have been told by the PR company that it is rolling out more over the coming months. You can buy it on Molloys lifestyle pharmacy for €12.95 here.

L’Oreal SteamPod

The Steampod is yet another item you will have heard me talk about again and again but for good reason. This gadget is an absolute lifesaver! I don’t say this lightly but if you like to wear your hair straight, you 100% need this in your life!

The Steampod is not like any other straighter. This baby smooths out your hair so quickly and leaves it with a salon finish look and feel to it! Not only that, I find that it lasts the way a blow dry would too. If I straighten my hair on the first day I wash it, it would stay straight for a few days!

It is also super on really thick hair and even curly hair. People always ask me how it compares to the GHD and my answer to that is, it doesn’t! The GHD doesn’t have a patch on this. I have also been told that as it uses steam and a keratin cream it is much better on your hair than other traditional straighteners. You can buy if from Look Fantastic for €151.95 here.

Clinique Blend It yourself pigment drops

Clinique blend it yourself pigment dropsThese little pigment drops are so handy for someone who doesn’t want to wear foundation but wants to get rid of the washed out look in the morning! The BIY pigment drops from Clinique are used along side your normal moisturiser. Basically you drop a few drops into your moisturiser and apply it to your face with your hands. You can add extra drops for a little more coverage. Although the most coverage you will achieve with these is a light amount. These basically give your face a little bit of colour and glow. I find these really handy for days that I am just around the house or nipping out to the shops,yet I don’t want to wear a lot of makeup. They come in 13 different shades , I were shade 125. You can buy them from any Clinique counter or on Look Fantastic here for €29.95.

Benefit Gimme me Brow

Sculpting out your brows in the morning can take an age! But you honestly has time for that? If you have some brow already and just want to make them look a little fuller and give them a little more product, the Benefit Gimme Brow is ideal for that. The tiny brush apply product to your brows and clings to all the tiny hairs that we normally can’t see to make your brows look fuller! I find this one really handy to apply quickly and just head out the door. You can buy Gimme Brow for €29.85 on Cloud 10 Beauty here.

One Swipe Eyeshadows

I could dedicate a whole post to one swipe eyeshadows but to give you a taster I’ve included my favourite five. One swipe eyeshadows are basically eyeshadows that you can apply on their own and you look done. They don’t need lots of time blending but instead can be applied really fast and blended out easily! I do tend to lean towards warmer tones and wear a lot of brown for work, as i find that they are the most understated on my skin tone.

Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie This is a light peach colour that can be applied all over the lid to just give a small bit of a light colour. Apply this with a black winged liner for a simple look. You can buy Makeup Geek eyeshadows on Beauty Bay for €5.50 each here. 

Makeup Geek Frappe: Frappe is a medium brown with a matte finish.

Kat Von D Metal Crush: Any of the shadows from this range are worth picking up as one swipe eyeshadows, as they are ridiculously pigmented. Synergy is a beautiful warm metallic brown. Word of warning. These are very very buttery and there for have a tendency to break! You can buy the Metal Crush eyeshadows for €20 each on Debenhams here. 

Urban Decay Riff: A few years ago this was the blogger eyeshadow of choice. Now we hardly hear about it but it is definitely one to add to your stash. This is another warm brown but leans a little more on the orange side of brown.

Makeup Geek Bitten: If it is a quick smoky night time eye you’re after Bitten from Makeup Geek is my go to. This is a deep maroon red colour.It has strong brown under tones to it and a frost finish.

Image I Beauty Flawless Rejuvenating Eye pads

Image skin care i beauty eye padsI was in two minds as to whether I should include these or not but I have used them non stop for about 6 weeks now and they are so desperately handy. Basically each tub contains 60 pre soaks pads. The pads are full of ingredients that help with not only removing your makeup but they have anti ageing properties in them too. When I first used these the stung my eyes quite a bit and I thought they were a bit of a gimmick. However, i had failed to read the instructions properly and I was suppose to squeeze out the excess product back into the tub and gently pass the pad over the eye area rather than rubbing like I was! Once I got the hang of these I honestly have found them brilliant. I know there are cheaper alternatives for removing eye makeup but the fact that these have anti ageing ingredients in them makes me not feel guilty about the quick fix for taking my makeup off. There are 60 pads in each tub and you only need one to do both eyes. A tub will set you back €39 and you can find Image stockists here.

Benefit Quickie Contour stick

Don’t have time to perfect your contouring skills and yet want to look like you have some type of cheekbones? Then this quickie contour stick from Benefit is a must. I have raved about this again and again for a reason. It is just so good. I am not normally a fan of cream contour but this is so natural and so easy to use. Not only that the colour isn’t too warm or too ashy but as a certain blonde would say ” It is just right”! Due to the fact it blends so quickly this 100% saves time when doing your makeup. You can buy it from Cloud 10 Beauty for €30 here.

bBold Smart Mousse

Long time readers of the blog will know that when it comes to developing tan I am an absolute disaster. Hence the fact for a very long time I have worn instant tan. However, since trying out the bBold smart Mousse a few months back, I haven’t used an instant tan and have taken to regular applications of this developing tan. This is unheard of for me!

There is so  much that I like about this tan. First off it goes on really quick and easy. It has a great guide colour and the mousse spreads quickly and evenly over the skin. Secondly it develops within 3 hours and continues to develop once you wash it off. I thought this was a bit of a gimmick but it honestly continues to develop into a beautiful deep but natural looking tan. Finally it wears off better than any tan I’ve ever tried. I find it hard to notice when this is wearing off and not once have I had to scrub a scabby patch off. So not only do you save time on application but you also save time with not having to scrub when the tan wears off. You can buy it is pharmacies or online on Molloys Lifestyle pharmacy for €14.95 here.

This post contains some affiliate links and some PR samples. This however does not change my opinion on products! 

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    Brilliant post Sinead! Love the one swipe eyeshadow choices,and the benefit gimme brow is going on to my list.torn between ordering a few MUG shadows and building up my stash ,or going with the violet goss HG eye palette after reading your rave reviews!

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