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I often get emails asking my to recommend makeup brushes for different uses. Trying to decided what brushes you need is a very overwhelming task, as there are just so many to choose from. When you go online to buy a brush, there are just so many options you can quickly get lost. Most people have a few brushes lying at the bottom of their makeup bank, and yet they tend to use the same 2 or 3 brushes for everything! Having the correct brushes when applying your makeup can make all the difference to how it is actually applied and the finished look.

There are many different ranges of brushes to choose from, going from the need to remortgage the house price range, to the more affordable. Some of my most lusted after brushes are in the Make Up For Ever Artisan brushes and the Wanye Goss range. I plan on adding some more of this into my collection, but right now the funds just don’t allow.

Detailed below are my top five eyeshadow brushes, that can be used to create the perfect eye look. I am not a makeup artist, but I have built up my collection fro recommendations on Youtube and from Makeup artists and also from just finding out what I like and don’t like from use. Everyone used their brushes in different ways and some people even use them in ways they are not designed to be used, but still work.  I have included links to where you can buy all the brushes that I have mentioned.

Eye shader brush

2This brush is used for packing on shadows and pigments onto the lid. My favourite brushes for this are the Sigma E60 large shader brush and the Sigma E55 eye shading brush. I use the large brush when I want to cover the whole lid pig colour quickly and the smaller brush when I want to be more delicate with my application. I love Sigma brushes. They are mid range in price, but they quality is fantastic. These two brushes are really dense and disperse the colour evenly over the eye. A good dupe for the Sigma E55 brush, is the blank Canvas e24 flat shader brush.

Pencil Brush

3A pencil brush is used for precision shading on your lid, or in your crease. I use this to place the line of colour on my outer V which I will later blend out with a blending brush. I also use it to place colour under the eye, which again I will blend out with a fluffy brush. This brush is perfect for creating the shape of the shadow on the eye, which you then blend out. I have a lot of pencil brushes, but I find myself reaching for the Crown Brush C431 Precision detail brush. It is very dense and picks up just the right amount of colour.

Blending brush

A blending brush, does exactly what the name suggested. It blends the colour out on the eye. Many people actually either don’t blend their eyeshadow, or don’t blend it enough. I have been a victim of this myself. I am actually ashamed of how I used to apply my eyeshadow. There are a number of different brushes you can use here. I use a blending brush to apply colour to the crease, blend out colour I applied with my pencil brush and to apply and blend colour underneath the eye.

MAC 217

The most famous of all blending brushes, a one everyone should have at least one of, is the Mac 217 brush. This is the perfect shape for blending eyeshadow into the crease and blending the shadow out further. It has the perfect density for picking up colour and is washes really well. I have had my brush for 2 years now and it is still perfect.

sigmaI also love a tapered blending brush. One of my favourite brushes is the Sigma E45 small tapered brush. This is different from the Mac 217 brush as it comes in a little bit at the top. I find this great for getting the colour into the crease and not ending up at your eyebrow. It is really soft on the eyes and fantastic for blending the colour out. A good dupe for this is the Blank Canvas e42 brush. As you can see from the picture above, they are extremely similar. For me the only difference is when you wash them. The Blank Canvas brush sheds a little when washed.

Fluffy Brush

fluffyA fluffy brush to me, is one that is really soft, a little larger than the Mac 217 and is perfect for blending out colour on the eye. Do you need this one if you have a Mac 217 brush? I would say yes.They do different things. I use and love the Blank Canvas E26 brush. It is really soft and perfect for creating really soft edges to your eyeshadow. I often use this brush to apply my transition colour.

Definition Brush

PicMonkey CollageThe Blank Canvas E10 brush is actually one of my favourite brushes. This is a small socket blending brush. It is absolutely brilliant for giving definition to your eyeshadow, blending smaller areas and is perfect if your socket isn’t very obvious. I love this brush as it finds the socket perfectly. It is lovely and soft and get dense enough that  it can create definition. This brush is a must have for me, to the point I have 3 of them.





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