Urban Decay Drop Shot Mix In Oil

I have spoken about this product a lot on my social media over the past few weeks. As a lot of my social media disappears after 24 hours, I thought the Urban Decay Drop shot Mix in Oil deserves a blog post of its own. Ladies and gentlemen ( yes there are a few gentlemen ) let me introduce you to what I consider to be my game changing product.

The Urban Decay Drop shot mix in facial oil, is an oil that you mix in with your foundation to help add give your skin a dewy, radiant glow without leaving it feeling oily. Sounds too good to be true right? Well it’s not. This stuff is absolute magic.

There are three ways to use the mix in oil. First off it can be applied directly to the skin just like a regular oil to help with hydration. Secondly it can be mixed in with a moisturizer to give even more hydration. This is said to be particularly good if you use a mattifying moisturizer, as due to the fact that this is an non greasy oil, it will add glow and hydration, without making the skin feel greasy. Finally, you can mix this in with your foundation. I find that by adding one / two small drops into my foundation on my brush, I get the best results.

The drop shot comes with a pipette in the bottle. I personally do not mix in the full amount of product in the pipette but rather let a drop fall off the pipette itself. I think the amount of oil in the full pipette would be too much to mix in with your foundation. Once I have added one / two drops into my foundation,  I then apply my foundation to half my face and repeat on the other side. It is actually really easy to use.

So what does it actually do? Well as I mentioned above, it promises to give glow and a dewy finish. I personally love to wear foundations along the lines of Mac Pro long wear and studio fix. They have been my go to foundations for years and years but unfortunately over the last few months, maybe year, I have found that they feel very drying on my skin and gets very cakey very quickly. I had almost given up on these two foundations. However, I find that when I mix the drop shot in with my foundation,  it makes it apply a lot more smoothly. It actually feels like it thins it out a bit but this isn’t the case. It just makes it very blendable!
Secondly, it stops the foundation feeling any way dry on my skin and it 100% stops it looking and feeling cakey as the day progresses. I would often have problems with moisture leaving my skin during the day, even though I have an oily t zone. The drop shot just gives more drying foundations a little more hydration.

Finally, let me talk about the glow. Holy sweet baby Jesus in the crib, the glow this gives is divine!!! The picture above has not been filtered. It has not gone through a single round of face tune. It has not had the lighting changed and it has most certainly not touched photoshop. I would like to say that this picture is a result of the half decent natural light in my beauty room. But alas this is not the case. The glow on my skin, ( apart from the highlighter areas), is 100% down to mixing the Urban Decay Drop Shot mixing oil in with my Mac Studio fix foundation. Even on my snapchat, it looked like my skin was filtered. Real life people, not bloggers or makeup artists, comment on the glow on my skin when I use this. This is literally a glow in a bottle on my skin.

When I posted this on Facebook a lot of people asked what skin type it is suited too. Personally I have combination skin. I would be a little oily on the t zones but I would be normal elsewhere. I don’t find the oil in this product affects my t zone at all and in fact I found that the foundation wore really well throughout the day. Normally Studio fix breaks down on me but with the oil mixed in, it didn’t budge. If you have dry skin, I think this is going to a fantastic product for you. It will stop foundation clinging to any dry areas and give you a lovely glow and dewy finish. As this is not a greasy product but rather adds hydration, I would feel that this could also work for oily skinned ladies too. It would be worth enquiring at an Urban Decay counter before you purchase but from my research, people’s reviews seem to give the thumbs up.

I honestly can’t recommend this highly enough. I am blogging 4.5 years now and if I am honest, there isn’t a lot that really excites me anymore, as it seems everything has been done. However, I am beyond obsessed with the Urban Decay Drop Shot mix in oil. I have been telling everyone about it. You can buy it from Urban Decay counters, or online from Look Fantastic here for €28.45 . (affiliate link)


This is a press sample. However, this does not effect my review in anyway shape or form. All opinions are 100% my own and have not been influenced in anyway. 

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