Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light moisturiser

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 15.47.28Yesterday morning my husband to be walked into the room and looked at me funny. This is not an unusual occurrence , as I am not one of those girls that sleep is kind to their appearance, so when I asked him what was wrong, I was taken by complete shock when he said ” Your skin looks amazing. It looks so fresh and clear”. As I  have only added in one new product into my skin care routine, I knew it had to be the Vichy Aqualia Thermal light moisturiser that was having this effect on my skin. In fact it must have been doing a better job than I had seen myself, if himself noticed it. Men never notice things like that!

DSC_0398Aqualia Thermal Light is a moisturiser that is part of the Aqualia thermal range. This range is brilliant for anyone who finds themselves with dehydrated skin, as the technologies and ingredients behind the Aqualia range are designed to help treat dehydrated skin. It is important to note, that dehydrated skin,is not a skin type, but rather a condition of the skin.It doesn’t matter if you have oily, dry, combination or normal skin, you can still have dehydrated skin. Things like nights out on the beer, smoking or very hot climates can dehydrate our skin. Dehydrated skin can be hard to diagnose, but if your skin is dehydrated, it may look a little lacking in life, tired looking or just plain dull. However, never fear. Vichy have got you covered.

There are a number of products in the Aqualia Thermal range, including a Serum which is suitable for all skin types, and the Aqualia Thermal rich, which is for dry to very dry skin. I have been using the Aqualia Thermal light moisturiser for normal to combination skin. This has a gel cream texture that is said to offer immediate and long lasting hydration to the skin, without leaving it looking shiny. Like with all products in the Aqualia Thermal range it uses a new Dynamic hydration technology which stimulates the moisture allocation systeming within the skin, so that there is an improved distribution throughout the face.  It is the ingredients that are contained within each product that help it do this.With ingredients like Vichy Thermal spa water, which has regenerating, antioxidant, smoothing and protective benefits. Hyaluronic acid, which not only gives water to the skin, but helps your skin develop a memory to retain the water there, while at the same time plumping the skin out. It is of no surprise that the man in my life noticed a difference in my skin.

DSC_0404When I apply this moisturiser to my skin, it soaks in really quickly, and it is almost like my skin is drinking up the moisture. There is no shine and you can apply your foundation quicker than with most other moisturisers. Over the last few weeks that I have been using the Aqualia Thermal light moisturiser , my skin has become softer, brighter and clearer. No lie, my skin is looking smashing. It looks fresh, and bright. One of the big things I noticed, and it is not one of the benefits Vichy have listed, but the pores on my nose have significantly reduced. I mean, you can hardly see them. Over the years I have tried so many products to try and get rid of these pores and nothing has reduced them like the Aqualia Thermal Light moisturiser.

Ladies, I love this stuff. It is an absolutely brilliant moisturiser and I just can’t recommend it enough. Between the serum and the Aqualia Thermal light and rich, there is something for everyone in this range. The Aqualia Thermal light and rich both come in a tube and pot. Personally speaking I prefer the tube, as it means you aren’t popping you fingers back into product.The tube retails at €15.50 for 40ml  and the pot retails at €23 for 50ml. If you find your skin in need of some moisture and brightening then you need these in your life.






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